AdventureQuest Character

Arthas Dawnshield


Born on 11/5/2019
Became a Guardian on 11/5/2019
Last Played on 7/13/2020

Mirror Disguises


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House: Skycastle Mansion Estate

Under Attack! Vegetable Garden Under Attack! Mana Collector Under Attack! Stone Pit Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack Under Attack! Fishing Pond Under Attack! Museum Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack II Under Attack! Vegetable Garden II Under Attack! Stone Pit II Under Attack! Mana Collector II Under Attack! Fishing Pond II Under Attack! Corn Field Under Attack! Corn Field II Under Attack! Trade Hut Under Attack! Guard Tower Under Attack! Storage Building Under Attack! Mega World Portal Under Attack! Skycastle Wheat Field Under Attack! Skycastle Wheat Field II Under Attack! Skycastle Windmill Under Attack! Skycastle Windmill II Under Attack! Ye Olde Eatery Under Attack! Storage Building II Under Attack! Beanstalk Under Attack! Storage Building III Under Attack! Storage Building IV

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0 character 2149 army wins
1500 character 6888 army wins


Blade of Awe
Mega Pzycho Sabre
Blade of the Thornful Rose
Airenal's Lance
French Vanilla Ice Katana
Nightbane Clawclub
Katar of Shock
Twisted Gauntlet of Xano
   Lorekeeper's Oath
   Samukematsuri Katana
   Samukematsuri Warbow
   Samukematsuri Wakizashi
   Far Northern Wit
   Far Northern Greeting
   Far Northern Hospitality
   Zombie Hunter Armaments
   Merry Lance of Frostval Past
   Mystic Blade of Frostval Past
   Mighty Blade of Frostval Past
   Guardian NightSever
   Star Sabre
   Adventurer Figure
   Regal DragonBlade
   Thunderpoint Spear
   Radiant Axe
   Fresh Asteraceae
   Zabura's Hammer
   Doomed Stormshadow


Mighty UltraGuardian Plate
Rage Beast
Hyperalphean Barbarian
Zombie Hunter Garb
White Howler
Ebony Sepulchure Form
Holy Armor
   Ultimon's Armour
   Holy Armor
   Golden Holy Armor
   Golden Holy Armor
   Predator of the Night


UltraGuardian Shield
Fireworks Buckler
Hyperalphean Skjoldr
Zombie Buddy Bulwark
Chieftain's IronThorn
Umazen Aspis
Radiant Aegis
   Cryo Chrono Shield
   Macka-Lot Buckler
   Cerberus Ward
   Redeemer's Bulwark


Purple Rain
Buffalot's Beach Bod
Call Mogdin
Call Sol-Style Katshiro
Call Luna-Style Katshiro
Nezujimbo Contract G
Call Sugar Gobbler
Runic Binding
   Call RhubZard
   Hyperalphean Invocation
   Call Twilly
   Imanok Edoc
   Imanok Edoc
   Call FruitcakeZard


Paladin Chilly
Baby Egg
Frost Effigy
Baby Egg
Baby Egg
Aberrant the Exiled
   Undead Sneak
   Retro Twilly G
   Guardian FireWere
   Northern River Dragon
   Baby Egg
   Frosty Godmother
   Baby Egg
   Fairy Godmother
   Baby Egg
   Umbral Godmother

Misc Items

Essence Orb
Prime Chaos Orb
Shadowfeeder Pendant
Guardian's Urn of Prevailing Winds
Gemini Pendant
Hyperalphean Dragon Fang
Excelsior Elixir
Elahi Irt of Osiris

House Paintings

Portal to Trescol

House Guards

Mighty Shadow Cyclops
Mighty Shadow Cyclops
Mighty Shadow Sphinx


Zombie Hunter

Mirror Disguises

Human Boy 7