AdventureQuest Character



Born on 6/25/2015
Became a Guardian on 12/3/2015
Last Played on 9/20/2020

Mirror Disguises


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House: Deren Mansion Estate

Under Attack! Museum

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3200 character wins
2000 character wins
4000 character wins
5200 character wins
8500 character wins
200 character wins
2000 character wins
5500 character wins
200 character wins
9200 character wins
100 character wins
100 character wins
7600 character wins
1000 character wins
1000 character wins
12200 character wins
6000 character wins
7600 character wins
5600 character wins
9158 character wins
6000 character wins
20 character wins
100 character wins
100 character wins
100 character wins
300 character wins
300 character wins
500 character wins
100 character wins
1000 character wins
500 character wins
500 character wins
5000 character wins
300 character wins
500 character wins
60 character wins
200 character wins
100 character wins
100 character wins
300 character wins
3200 character wins
2000 character wins
2620 character wins
80 character wins
20 character wins
10 character wins
2100 character wins


Blade of Awe!!!
Chaoswrought Armaments
Fallen King's Blade
Blade of the Briar
Mystic Blade of Frostval Past
Underworld Chrono Scythe
Infinita Staff
Legendary Lumenomancer's Bloodblade
   Sila's Staff
   Samukematsuri Wakizashi
   Legendary Taxing Cutlass
   Voidsplinter Tether
   Eternity Key
   Merry Lance of Frostval Past
   Moglin Sword
   Mighty Blade of Frostval Past
   Kickstarter Might
   Frozen Dragon Buster
   Divine Kusanagi Sword
   Thunderstone Axe
   Gorilla Wolf Dom 'n' Ash 'n'
   Status Ward of Energy
   Fruitcake Sword
   Frostval '15 Commemorative Spoon
   Mystic Long Talon
   Kogane Hikari Shamrock Sensu
   Antarctic Athame
   Ultimate Dragon Scythe of Elements
   Desert Raider Armaments
   Elite Emancipator Falchion
   Elite Hoplite Xiphos
   Mighty Axemaster's Atonement
   Arcane Axemaster's Atonement
   Elite Alchemical Unity
   Adventurer Figure
   Regal Void Charge
   Doomed Stormshadow
   Aodh's Blazing Intervention


Mighty UltraGuardian Plate
Chaos Armour
Fallen King's Plate
Heartless Beast Werepyre
Golden Horror Werepyre
White Knight Z
Frozen Dragonslayer
Pyromancer Bloodmage
   Malicious Devil Werepyre
   Blazing Bloodzerker
   Midnight Predatory Vampire Form
   Festive Mason Form
   ShadowWalker of Time
   Horo-Show Void Vigilante
   Fiend of Vergill
   Loco Costume G
   Demon's Armour
   Kickstarter Hero
   Windter Warrior
   Beachmancer Garb
   Headless Horseman
   Human Fisher
   Brilhado Necromancer Robes
   Rabid Diretooth Form
   Fat & Tacky Santa
   Samukematsuri Samurai
   Armour of Frostval Past


UltraGuardian Shield
Chaoswrought Defender
Fallen King's Guard
Father Time
Chieftain's IronThorn
Fireworks Buckler
Defender of Frostval Past
Celtic Wheel
   Northern Defender
   Radiant Aegis
   Thunderbird Joust Shield
   Samukematsuri Buckler
   Stout Talon
   Grounded Flora Shield
   Serenia's Benediction
   Conglomerate Frankenshield
   Soul of Sole
   Shield of Agony's Blood
   Fruitcake Wreath
   Elahi Ikm of Osiris
   Accordion Shield
   Scarab Shell
   Dynamo Defender
   Desert Raider Defender
   Redeemer's Bulwark
   Veywild Guard
   Magnus' Grand Tremor Bastion


Destruction Burst
Purple Rain
Summon Poelala
Spectral Chains
Creation Burst
Arctic Tornado
Call Thernda
   Call Mana Bat
   2019 New Year's Surprise
   Blood Ruby Rain
   Moonwalker's Grace
   Monkakazi BOOM G
   ArchMage Research
   Monstercide Squad
   Fruitcake Fury
   No Lemons, No Melon
   Chocolate Syrup
   Call FruitcakeZard
   Invoke Tyrannochicken Rex
   Vizalain Vision
   Conjure Shadow
   Bifrost Brilliance


Devilry Hound
Golden Guardian Gween
Ice Guardian Dragon Jr.
Pig Drake
   Super-Heated Boiler Buddy
   My Tiny Void Pwny
   Mini Nulgath
   Dire Wolf
   Psychedelic Dinosaur
   Elahi Mau of Osiris
   Baby Salamancer G
   Baby Frogzard
   Moglord Ghost
   Frosty Godmother
   Sand Scurrier
   Gleaming Silver Studdead Leprechaun
   Toxic Silver Studdead Leprechaun

Misc Items

Kibbles Coffee Mug
Elahi Irt of Osiris
Cozy Fire Orb
Zfinity Gauntlet: Mind
Minotaur's Pride
Essence Orb
Power Shard VI: Dr. Boom
Hyperalphean Dragon Fang
   AQ's 16th Birthday Cupcake
   Greater Water Orb
   Grakma Harbinger
   Thunderbird Joust Headpiece
   Spirit of Frostval
   Zfinity Gauntlet: Power
   Helm of Frostval Past
   Amulet of Drakonnan G
   Lightning Charm
   Fruitcake Brick
   Aria's Rattle
   Windter Crown
   Discount Mogloween Candy Bag
   Crystal of Restless Shadows G
   Guardian's Urn of Prevailing Winds
   Green Dragon Guardian Ocarina
   Amish Hat
   Desert Raider Helm
   Prime Chaos Orb
   Veywild Helm

House Paintings

Golden Giftbox Painting
Frostval '16: Rise of the Sweater Zombies
Snugglefest Portal Painting
April Fools' Portal Painting
Grenwog Portal Painting
Mogloween Portal Painting
Harvest Portal Painting
Sea Titan
RhubZard Portrait
Frostval '18: A Nightmarish Frostval Carol
Void Dragon Queen
Frostval '19: A Song of Ice & Thunder

House Guards

Ice Dragon


King of Shades
To Infinity And Beyond!
The Conqueror
Master Terror
Gemini Rising
Fears No Fruitcake
Nerd Crusher
Heart of Wind
Special Guest Star
Please, Master Postman
Master Postman
Shock to the Heart
First Mate
Frogzard Hunter
Ace Detective
Restorer of Balance
Gold Doubloon
Silver Doubloon
Kaiju Conqueror
Minty Fresh Breath
The Start of Something Beautiful
Ticket Taker
Slayer of Demons
Protector of Balance
Guardian of Balance
Deep Sea Fisher
Mister Frostval
Miss Frostval
Mister Frostval
Miss Frostval
Defender of the Decade
Underwold Chronomancer

Mirror Disguises

Corsair Elite M
Corsair Elite F
Serenia's Elite Defender M
Serenia's Elite Defender F
Northern Defender M
Northern Defender F
Chaoswalker M
Chaoswalker F
Vartai Champion F
Vartai Champion M
Hex Hood Elite F
Hex Hood Elite M
Umazen Prime
Umazen Hoplite Elite
Veywild Helm M
Veywild Helm F
Voidslayer General M
Voidslayer General F
Betrayal Helm Crested M
Betrayal Helm Crested F
Shamrock Shinobi Masked M
Shamrock Shinobi Masked F
Undead Knight M
Cursed Dragonslayer General M
Cursed Dragonslayer General F
Undead Knight F
Captain Rhubarb
Demon Retro
Skull Retro
Summer Time Male
Red Valkyrie
Red Viking
Empowered Underworld Chronomancer M
Empowered Underworld Chronomancer F
Underworld Chronomancer M
Underworld Chronomancer F