AdventureQuest Character

Synthwave Rider


Born on 2/8/2014
Became a Guardian on 2/4/2017
Last Played on 8/17/2019

Mirror Disguises


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House: Skycastle Mansion Estate

Under Attack! Museum Under Attack! Mega World Portal Under Attack! Storage Building Under Attack! Storage Building II Under Attack! Beanstalk Under Attack! Ye Olde Eatery Under Attack! Trade Hut Under Attack! Guard Tower Under Attack! Corn Field Under Attack! Corn Field II Under Attack! Vegetable Garden Under Attack! Mana Collector Under Attack! Stone Pit Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack Under Attack! Fishing Pond Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack II Under Attack! Vegetable Garden II Under Attack! Stone Pit II Under Attack! Mana Collector II Under Attack! Fishing Pond II Under Attack! Storage Building III Under Attack! Storage Building IV Under Attack! Skycastle Wheat Field Under Attack! Skycastle Wheat Field II Under Attack! Skycastle Windmill Under Attack! Skycastle Windmill II

War Battle Records   Hide Records

11300 character wins
0 character 5168 army wins
0 character 3297 army wins
0 character 4884 army wins
0 character 1275 army wins
0 character 831 guard 161 army wins
0 character 2686 guard 1298 army wins
161 character 4500 army wins
0 character 1542 army wins
2622 character 1769 army wins
1012 character 2800 army wins
5 character 1314 army wins
1 character wins
710 character wins
6 character wins
4 character wins
21 character wins


Blade of Awe!!!
Thrale's Scorn
Eternal Chrono Dagger
Frigid Devouring Scythe
Perfectly Balanced Blade
Zealot's Wrath
Drakath Fiend Blade
Terror Eater
   Elite Emancipator Falchion
   Loremaster Tome
   Patriot Katana
   Snow Angel
   Agony's Embrace
   Arcane Cutlass of Radiance
   Mystic Blade of Frostval Past
   Ultimate Dragon Scythe of Elements
   Arcane Cutlass of Combustion
   End of Graves
   Thunderbird Joust Lance
   Festive Blunderbuss
   Scythe of Agony's Wrath
   Solar Flair Staff
   French Vanilla Ice Katana
   Star Sabre
   Frost Destroyer
   Desert Raider Armaments


Insightful Armor of Awe
Centaurion Warlord
Blazing Bloodzerker
Kindred Spirits' Valiance
Griffinrider Mount
Graverider Mount
Thunderbird Joust
Elite Umazen Emancipator Armour
   Desert Raider Garb
   Whispering Raiment
   Fiend of Light
   Falerin's Bespoke Bedizen
   Nocturnal Knight Rider
   Pyromancer Bloodmage
   Lumenomancer Bloodmage
   Ethereal Predatory Vampire Form
   Cryomancer Bloodmage
   Frozen Dragonslayer
   Twilly Form
   Jester Masquerade
   Armour of Frostval Past
   Solid Gold Luna Neko
   Leopard Luna Neko
   Advanced Luna Neko
   Solid Gold Sol Neko
   Lion Sol Neko
   Cougar Sol Neko
   Advanced Sol Neko
   Rage Beast
   White Howler
   Advanced Werewolf
   Predator of the Night
   Psionic Vampire
   Blue Blood
   Advanced Vamp
   Chthonian Count
   Heartless Beast Werepyre
   Ultimon's Armour


Shield of Awe!!!
Chieftain's IronThorn
Fireworks Buckler
Celtic Wheel
Defender of Frostval Past
Umazen Aspis
Terror Totem
   Eternal Twilight's Regalia
   Dynamo Defender
   Asgir Shield
   Sham's Off-Hand Blunderbuss
   Fruitcake Wreath
   Crimson Dragon Strike Guard
   Dragon Strike Guard
   Thunderbird Joust Shield
   Thunderbird Joust Shield
   Stout Talon
   Northern Defender
   Samukematsuri Buckler
   Lunar Eclipse Shield
   Desert Raider Defender


Call Dunamis
Purple Rain
Buffalot's Beach Bod
Moonwalker's Grace
2019 New Year's Surprise
Dragonguard Invocation
Light Lord's Blessing
Dragonslayer Aura
   Arcane Amplification
   Spectral Chains
   Summon Poelala
   Conjure Shadow
   Zard Droppings
   Samukematsuri Caltrops
   Call Hydro Badelaire
   Darkness Orb Shroud
   Loco Eggsplosion
   Eona's Draglins
   Call Twilly
   Monstercide Squad
   Summon Mason's Remains
   Bifrost Brilliance
   Summon Grimlord


Chickencow Clone
Super-Heated Boiler Buddy
Chibi Loco
Sand Scurrier
Chiaro Symbiote
   Frosty Godmother
   Frosty Godfather
   My Tiny Void Pwny
   Experimental Robocockatrice
   Thunderbird Joust Egg
   Baby Dracolich
   Dark Visor
   Fairy Godmother
   Land Tiger Shark

Misc Items

Blood Contract
Essence Orb
Helm of Frostval Past
Shadowfeeder Pendant
Zfinity Gauntlet: Power
Zfinity Gauntlet: Time
Love Potion #736
Desert Raider Helm
   Red Server Cap
   Zfinity Gauntlet: Space
   Murderator Gauntlet
   Spirit of Love
   Spirit of Frostval
   Thunderbird Joust Headpiece
   Pixel Ether
   Bell Shell
   Rejuvenating Necklace
   Lohkaista Shard
   Goggernaut Helm
   Discount Mogloween Candy Bag
   Mana Trap
   Insightful Twilight Mirror
   Everfrozen Shard
   Guardian's Urn of Prevailing Winds
   Head of Raydius Dragon
   Urn of Daryngord
   Evil Eyeglasses
   Gemini Pendant

House Paintings

Portal to Kairula
RhubZard Portrait
Portal to Trescol
Grenwog Portal Painting
April Fools' Portal Painting
Cinco DOOM Mayo Painting
Frostval '17: Island of Misfit Ornaments
Frostval '15: Fruitcake Fury!
Frostval '16: Rise of the Sweater Zombies
Snugglefest Portal Painting
Harvest Portal Painting
Frostval '14: It's a Wonderful Life of Crime
Mogloween Portal Painting
Frostval '18: A Nightmarish Frostval Carol
Void Dragon Queen

House Guards

Front Door
Front Door
Thunder Cat
Bishop Finch
Fujin Dragon
Brilhado Lich
Ghost Knight
Spirit of Light
Twilight Raven
Sugar Gobbler
MeGogg Guard
Baby Sacragon
Alpha Dracoglin
Dracofiend Lord
Nerfkitten Scion
Ethereal Arakkna
Overlord Phoenix
Truphma General
Ethereal Banshee
Male Neko Waifer
Mighty Shadow Roc
Mighty Shadow Roc
Krie-Guardian Mage
Banshee Messenger
Female Neko Waifer
Mighty Shadow Gogg
Mighty Shadow Gogg
Mighty Shadow Hydra
Mighty Shadow Hydra
Mighty Shadow Sphinx
Mighty Shadow Sphinx
Mighty Shadow Cyclops
Mighty Shadow Cyclops
Mighty Shadow Chimera
Mighty Shadow Chimera
Mighty Shadow Minotaur
Mighty Shadow Minotaur
Reverse FlibbitiestGibbest
Mighty Shada' Naga Baba Yaga
Mighty Shada' Naga Witch-Queen


Dauntless Devourer
Dragon Dragon Slayer Slayer
Incredibly Hulking
Hokuto Shinneko
No Man Left Behind
Awesomely Arcane
A Glorious Little Pile of Awesome
Master Terror
Puppy Kicker
Gold Doubloon
Deep Sea Fisher
Essence of the Light
Touchscreen Paladin
Dragon Dragon Slayer Master
Zard of Seven Seas
Disciple of Dunamis
Mister Frostval
Miss Frostval
Mister Frostval
Miss Frostval
Vessel of Frostval
Vessel of the Heart

Mirror Disguises

Umazen Prime
Dark Panther F
Chaos Knight M
Void of Nulgath M
Dark Panther M
Loco F
Undead Knight Open M
Cursed Dragonslayer M
Sinister Pumpkin Overlord M
Snow Angel M
Snow Angel F
Northern Defender M
Northern Defender F
Marvelous Captain Masked Short Hair M
Dreiko's Googly Gogg Gift M