AdventureQuest Character



Born on 6/29/2005
Became a Guardian on 7/10/2005
Last Played on 9/26/2020

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House: Deren Mansion Estate

Under Attack! Deren Mana Collector Under Attack! Guard Tower Under Attack! Corn Field Under Attack! Storage Building Under Attack! Deren Wheat Field Under Attack! Stone Pit Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack

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2 character wins
4 character wins
4 character wins
0 character 805 army wins
1 character wins
1 character wins
4 character wins
3 character wins
0 character 44 army wins
0 character 422 army wins
4 character 79 army wins
3 character 772 army wins
0 character 455 army wins
3 character 491 army wins
0 character 536 army wins
9 character 623 army wins
0 character 305 army wins
0 character 147 army wins
10 character 231 army wins
4 character 31 army wins
4 character 358 army wins
4 character wins
10 character 653 army wins
3 character wins


Blade of Awe!!!
Eidolon's Reputation
Asgardian Truncheon of Thunderbolts
King's Authority
Eventide's Panic
Arcane Scourge's Conviction
Inquisitor's Renown
   Nova Knight Falchion
   Guardian Despair Eater
   Frostval Staff
   Winged Lightning Bolt
   Brilliant Beam Sword
   Platinum Edge
   Fortuitous Bladehenge
   Heavy Gnomish Crossbow
   Eight Lords Staff
   Frostshard Sliver
   Panforte Maul
   Zale Broadsword
   Bad Luck Blade
   Beautiful Crane Fan
   Electric Guitar Axe
   Crystal Seed Runic Goldenrod Staff
   Guardian Melee Block Hammer V
   CAD Sword
   Paramount Blade
   Spirit Katana
   Guardian Jade Sword
   Ultra Krieger Blade
   Eternity Spear
   Illustrious Blade


Guardian Plate
Eidolon's Heroism
Ventus' Finish
Asgardian Thunderbolts' Might
King's Reign
Eventide's Guise
Scourge's Tenet
Insurmountable Gatekeeper
   'Emoran Knight Armour
   Inquisitor's Ardor
   Boreal Bolt Plate
   Defensive Test Armour
   White Knight Z
   Nova Knight Plate
   Guardian Despair Raiment
   Alterer's Dragon Leathers
   Gokar's Gi
   Frostval Spirit Armor
   Ancient Doom Knight
   Paradox Plate
   Absolix Pauldrons
   Obverse Brigandine
   Martial-Distorted Guardian
   Sugar Rush Guardian Armor
   Leprechaun Power Armor
   Vicious Diretooth Form
   Anthracite Coal Armor
   Guardian DragonRider
   Guardian Block Armor VI


Guardian Shield
Eidolon's Meditation
Asgardian Thunderbolts' Precision
King's Epic
Eventide's Standard
Scourge's Rampart
Inquisitor's Resolution
   Nova Knight Aegis
   Guardian Despair Totem
   Frostval Tree Topper
   Frostshard Sliver Shield
   NerfLord's Crest
   Agony Shield
   Champion's Heart
   Spell Blocker
   Sparkling Ornament Shield
   Tidal Wave Shield
   Pumpkin Shield
   Amalgamated Frankenshield
   Red Pinecone Shield
   Guardian Superior Frostval Giant's Shield
   Guardian Bouncy Trampoline
   Paramount Shield
   Pureheart Mirror


Wondrous Recovery
Arrows of Virtue
PieRat's Vengeance
Kiss of the Amesha V
Fwying Wonder
Champions of Lore
   Melore's Dark Statue
   Moglin Carolers
   Mayhem Burst
   Summon Wicked TwEbil
   Summon WarLichKing
   Call Slavering EgGobbler
   Damnation V
   Fundead Flensing
   ArchMage Research
   Dragonpact Onslaught
   Darkovian Triumvirate
   Insane Candy Hearts
   Sharpened Lawn Darts
   Summon Woolly Thoctar V
   Summon Paladin Lord
   Greater Pumpkin Patch
   Guardian Gnome Stampede V
   Perfect Elemental Unity


Fundead Lion
Baby Void Dragon
Fairy Godmother G
Deadeye Cupid
Infernal Djinn
Guardian NPC in a Box VI
   Roasted Chestnut
   Guardian Despair Arañacabra
   Ravenous Grabbi
   Elder Gweez
   Carnation Floret
   Maddening Evil Candy Cane
   Guardian VampraCon
   Naughty Helves

Misc Items

Bronze Sign
Iron Sign
Fire Sign
Wood Sign
Water Sign
Stone Sign
Guardian Valkyrie Helm
Nova Knight Great Helm
   Guardian Despair Visage
   Pet Whistle
   Guardian Megalodon Jaw
   Mindlock Orb V
   Crucible of Fire V
   Head of Raydius Dragon
   Mogga Idol 13
   Rashalia Sporophyte
   Time Cookie
   Omega Astramorph
   Commemorative Drakelcube 25
   Blue Server Cap
   Red Server Cap

House Paintings

Robina Portrait
Chilly and Robina
Mother's Love
Nightbane's Last Stand

House Guards

Dragoncat Guard
Red Dragon
Ice Dragon
Krie-Guardian Mage


Legendary Adventurer
Kingdom Breaker