AdventureQuest Character



Born on 6/24/2007
Became a Guardian on 9/26/2007
Last Played on 5/22/2020

Mirror Disguises


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House: Darkovia Mansion Estate

Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack Under Attack! Stone Pit Under Attack! Mana Collector Under Attack! Mega World Portal Under Attack! Corn Field Under Attack! Storage Building Under Attack! Vegetable Garden Under Attack! Dark Mana Collector Under Attack! Graveyard Under Attack! Ye Olde Eatery Under Attack! Fishing Pond Under Attack! Guard Tower Under Attack! Storage Building II Under Attack! Museum Under Attack! Corn Field II Under Attack! Beanstalk Under Attack! Dark Mana Collector II Under Attack! Graveyard II Under Attack! Mana Collector II Under Attack! Vegetable Garden II Under Attack! Fishing Pond II Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack II Under Attack! Trade Hut Under Attack! Battle Stat Trainer Under Attack! Stone Pit II Under Attack! Storage Building III Under Attack! Storage Building IV Under Attack! Magic Stat Trainer

War Battle Records   Hide Records

2773 character wins
0 character 702 guard 1780 army wins
0 character 978 guard 2242 army wins
2500 character 956 guard 1513 army wins
1020 character wins
2100 character wins
172 character 1157 guard 2354 army wins
1 character 1278 guard 2191 army wins
44 character 180 army wins
3378 character 732 guard 1938 army wins
151 character 937 guard 1915 army wins
0 character 399 guard 476 army wins
0 character 345 guard 969 army wins
21 character 1014 guard 2252 army wins
1012 character 810 guard 1913 army wins
2933 character 644 guard 1258 army wins
2768 character 569 guard 952 army wins
2789 character 506 guard 825 army wins
16 character 597 guard 1303 army wins
52 character 540 guard 1489 army wins
0 character 605 guard 1109 army wins
0 character 42 guard 35 army wins
9 character 86 guard 903 army wins
9 character 433 army wins
0 character 343 army wins
28 character 338 army wins
19 character 364 army wins
26 character 169 army wins
0 character 352 army wins
17 character 252 army wins
0 character 210 army wins
13 character 324 army wins
7 character 309 army wins
16 character 235 army wins
10 character 441 army wins
13 character 195 army wins
2 character 212 army wins
18 character 234 army wins
16 character 368 army wins
9 character 109 army wins
2 character 97 army wins
18 character 204 army wins
24 character 144 army wins
22 character 283 army wins
0 character 106 army wins
9 character 87 army wins
0 character 54 army wins
2 character 123 army wins
0 character 104 army wins
3 character 161 army wins
2 character 128 army wins
6 character 186 army wins
0 character 1317 guard 2345 army wins
4 character 93 army wins
1 character 237 army wins
0 character 136 army wins
10 character 125 army wins
4 character 23 army wins
2 character 306 army wins
0 character 79 army wins
27 character 211 army wins
4 character 117 army wins
3 character 233 army wins
18 character 99 army wins
16 character 92 army wins
2 character wins
0 character 10 army wins
0 character 53 army wins
0 character 114 army wins
9 character 141 army wins
37 character 233 army wins
14 character wins
16 character 73 army wins
0 character 45 army wins
49 character 283 army wins
22 character 103 army wins
12 character wins
7 character 74 army wins
16 character 121 army wins
8 character wins
7 character wins
11 character 144 army wins
4 character 113 army wins
11 character 26 army wins
4 character wins
4 character wins
0 character 65 army wins
5 character wins
4 character wins
50 character wins
2 character wins
41 character wins
6 character wins
8 character wins
4 character wins
12 character wins
12 character wins
5 character wins
3 character wins
68 character wins
13 character wins
6 character wins
7 character wins
4 character wins
10 character wins
1 character wins
3 character wins
4 character wins
2 character wins


Staff of Awe!!!
Regal Void Charge
Blade of the Briar
Airenal's Lance
Mystic Blade of Frostval Past
Legendary Terra Bloodzerker's Sword
Arcane Cutlass of Radiance
Maw of Chaos
   Arcane Cutlass of Combustion
   Legendary Blazing Bloodzerker's Sword
   Hydromancer's Bloodblade
   Kindred Spirits' Prestige
   Luminous Whiff
   Divine Kusanagi Sword
   Legendary Cryomancer's Bloodblade
   Antarctic Athame
   Regal DragonBlade
   Thunder Lord's Staff
   Perfectly Balanced Blade
   Lumenomancer's Bloodblade
   Zealot's Wrath
   Agony's Embrace
   Drakath Fiend Blade
   Chambered Eternity Love


Insightful Armor of Awe!!!
Blazing Bloodzerker
Quenching Bloodzerker
Cryomancer Bloodmage
Terra Bloodzerker
Psionic Vampire
Lumenomancer Bloodmage
Sea Scourge
   Whispering Raiment
   Wicked King Plate
   Hydromancer Bloodmage
   Kindred Spirits' Valiance
   Chaos Slayer Wind Cleric
   Armour of Frostval Past
   Geocastellum Robes
   School Uniform
   Cleric of Carnafex
   Grenwog Rider


Shield of Awe!!!
Titan Arm
Celtic Wheel
Defender of Frostval Past
Chieftain's IronThorn
Radiant Aegis
Eternal Twilight's Regalia
   Kindred Spirits' Devotion
   Fujin no Shukufuku
   Accordion Shield
   Golem Guard
   High Oracle's Taladosian Ward
   Fireworks Buckler
   War-Torn Heirloom
   Darkovian Bulwark


Purple Rain
Summon Poelala
Arcane Amplification
Moonwalker's Grace
Fire Dragon Talon
Thunder Wave Blade
Terror Fist
ArchMage Research
   Destruction Burst
   Arctic Tornado
   Cysero's Explosive Teleport Booth
   Creation Burst
   Summon Infernal Skull
   Call Mana Bat
   Call Chupacabra
   Guardian Summon Eukara Vox VII
   Spectral Chains
   Summon Icemaster Yeti


Mog Lightnaut
Shiny WoolZard
Frosty Godmother
   Infernal Djinn
   Samukematsuri Kirin
   Moglord Warboar
   Kindred Spirits' Tranquility
   Psychedelic Dinosaur
   Frost Effigy
   Ice Guardian Dragon Jr.
   Sabre-Toothed Grenwog
   Aberrant the Exiled
   Dark Visor

Misc Items

Hyperalphean Dragon Fang
Frostgale's Remorse
Zfinity Gauntlet: Time
Zfinity Gauntlet: Power
Blood Contract
Prime Chaos Orb
Shadowfeeder Pendant
Essence Orb
   Grakma Harbinger
   Zfinity Gauntlet: Mind
   Kamohoali'i Jaw
   War Totem
   Amish Hat
   Helm of Frostval Past
   Zfinity Gauntlet: Space
   AQ's 17th Birthday Cupcake
   Desert Raider Helm
   Terror Visage

House Paintings

Portal to Trescol
Golden Giftbox Painting
Harvest Portal Painting
Frostval '18: A Nightmarish Frostval Carol
Snugglefest Portal Painting
Blarney Portal Painting
April Fools' Portal Painting
Grenwog Portal Painting

House Guards

Front Door
Twilight Raven
Overlord Phoenix
Baby Sacragon
Spirit of Light
Fujin Dragon
Thunder Cat
Sugar Gobbler
Shiny WoolZard


Immovable Hero
A Glorious Little Pile of Awesome
Void Harbinger
Ultimate Unresurrector
The World is Your Oyster
One flew over the Kukoo's nest
Dragon Dragon Slayer Slayer
Slayer of the Wicked
Reaper of Souls
Nerd Crusher
Fears No Fruitcake
Gemini Rising
Deep Sea Fisher
Hokuto Shinneko
Shock to the Heart
Mister Frostval
Mister Frostval
Killer Queen
Queen Slayer
Zard of Seven Seas
Witness to Greatness
Kingdom Breaker
Master Terror
Leaves No One Behind
No Man Left Behind
Monster Hunter
Ace Detective
Saviour of Mogloween
Pirate Scholar
Sailing Master
Tidal Might

Mirror Disguises

Iron Chaos*
Captain Rhubarb
Void of Nulgath M
Hollow Rider
Dark Panther M
Pirate Scholar M
Sinister Pumpkin Overlord M
Cursed Dragonslayer M
Wicked Fiend M
Northern Defender M
Northern Defender F
Sylich M
Carnage M
Carnage F
Fiend of Light M
Shadowscythe Templar M
Marvelous Captain Masked Short Hair M
Pentamad Head M
Crystal Beard Sea Scourge
Blazing Bloodzerker Helm M
Empowered Underworld Chronomancer M
Empowered Underworld Chronomancer F
Underworld Chronomancer M
Underworld Chronomancer F
Voidslayer General M
Voidslayer General F