AdventureQuest Character



Born on 6/20/2007
Became a Guardian on 8/17/2007
Last Played on 10/25/2021

Mirror Disguises


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House: Skycastle Mansion Estate

Under Attack! Mana Collector Under Attack! Stone Pit Under Attack! Vegetable Garden Under Attack! Guard Tower Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack Under Attack! Storage Building Under Attack! Magic Stat Trainer Under Attack! Battle Stat Trainer Under Attack! Fishing Pond Under Attack! Mega World Portal Under Attack! Corn Field Under Attack! Ye Olde Eatery Under Attack! Storage Building II Under Attack! Museum Under Attack! Beanstalk Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack II Under Attack! Vegetable Garden II Under Attack! Stone Pit II Under Attack! Mana Collector II Under Attack! Fishing Pond II Under Attack! Trade Hut Under Attack! Storage Building III Under Attack! Skycastle Wheat Field II Under Attack! Skycastle Wheat Field Under Attack! Skycastle Windmill Under Attack! Skycastle Windmill II Under Attack! Storage Building IV Under Attack! Cave Entrance Under Attack! Storage Building V

War Battle Records   Hide Records

2 character wins
3 character 331 guard 5 army wins
54 character 737 guard wins
2 character 202 guard wins
0 character 370 guard 122 army wins
422 character 305 guard 59 army wins
29 character 484 guard 112 army wins
46 character 418 guard 276 army wins
12 character 519 guard 213 army wins
146 character 348 guard 278 army wins
203 character 386 guard 280 army wins
38 character 48 guard 504 army wins
123 character 576 guard 157 army wins
118 character 466 guard 78 army wins
13 character 198 guard wins
2 character 310 guard wins
26 character 348 guard 49 army wins
28 character 184 guard 143 army wins
4 character 90 guard wins
3 character wins
41 character 250 guard 29 army wins
12 character 106 guard 10 army wins
13 character 228 guard 30 army wins
50 character 791 guard 251 army wins
2 character 310 guard 268 army wins
11 character 354 guard 40 army wins
24 character wins
6 character wins
28 character wins
2 character 217 guard wins
15 character 420 guard 82 army wins
8 character 535 guard wins
3 character wins
10 character 101 guard wins
221 character 294 guard 921 army wins
76 character 94 guard 103 army wins
33 character wins
159 character 108 guard 65 army wins
12 character 204 guard wins
8 character wins
16 character wins
51 character 67 guard 12 army wins
34 character wins
12 character 56 guard 9 army wins
35 character 40 guard 8 army wins
158 character 13 guard 11 army wins
2 character 5 guard wins
37 character 68 guard wins
9 character wins
13 character 10 guard wins
42 character 7 guard wins
12 character wins


Staff of Awe!!!
Sacred Paladin Sceptre
Voidsplinter Sunderer
Geocastellum Staff
Airenal's Cunning
Underworld Chrono Scythe
Corrupted Pyro Chrono Dagger
Frostgale's Pillar
   Eldritch Necromancer Kama
   Shadowwalker's Staff of Time
   Radiant Paladin Cavalier Lance
   Timekeeper Staff
   Loremaster Tome
   Mystic Blade of Frostval Past
   Star Sabre of Balance
   Legendary Blazing Bloodzerker's Sword
   Cryocastellum Ceryceum
   Eternal Chrono Dagger
   Frost Destroyer
   Luminous Whiff
   Cryomancer's Staff
   Legendary Hydromancer's Bloodblade
   Frostval Merc's Kris
   Cozy Staff
   Blade of Agony's Blood
   Crimson Vengeance
   Blood Storm
   Tome of Cerberus
   Forest Champion Wand
   Samukematsuri Wakizashi
   Legendary Lumenomancer's Bloodblade
   Sentari Katana
   Undead Cleric's Arm
   Winds of Change Tome
   Relic Staff
   Healing Branch
   Status Ward of Energy
   Terror Eater
   Ice Cream Sceptre
   Inferno Scepter
   Big Dictionary
   Toxic Gladius
   Golden Paragon Staff
   Reaper of Souls
   Paragon Ice Blade
   Solar Flair Staff
   Custom Staff
   Sinmaw's Mastermind
   Kickstarter Might
   Tera'Suul's Drive
   Energy Realm Blade
   Mystic Long Talon
   Doom Knight's Blade
   Transcendent Mana Staff
   Light Realm Warhammer
   Under Realm Warhammer
   Magic Flaming Sword
   Beachmancer Blade
   Fruitcake Staff
   Botanical Staff
   Frozen Dragon Buster
   Fallen King's Blade
   King's Reign Blade
   Divine Kazemai Athame
   Legendary Blades of Reaping
   High Oracle's Rod of Talados
   Curse of the Legion
   Twig of Unlies
   Legendary Magic French Vanilla Ice Katana
   Carnafex Sceptre
   Ken Boseki
   Ethereal Amethyst Staff
   Tangled Gnome Staff
   Blacksmith Hammer
   Cryo Draconic Chronomancer Armaments
   Continuum Chronomancer Blade
   Quantum Chronomancer Blade


Insightful Armor of Awe
Golden Horror Werepyre
Spellslinger's Obsidian Cloak
Geocastellum Robes
Airenal's Might
Malicious Devil Werepyre
Heartless Beast Werepyre
Frostgale's Legacy
   Champion Holy Arcanist
   Commander's Obsidian Cloak
   ShadowWalker of Time
   Paladin Rider
   Armour of Frostval Past
   Blazing Bloodzerker
   Advanced Werepyre
   Midnight Savage Werewolf Form
   Cryomancer Bloodmage
   Ethereal Savage Werewolf Form
   Pyromancer Bloodmage
   Lumenomancer Bloodmage
   Hydromancer Bloodmage
   Frostval Mercenary Garb
   Windter Warrior
   Ethereal Predatory Vampire Form
   Ultimon's Armour
   Samukematsuri Samurai
   Angel of Souls
   Giant's Might
   Festive Bard of War
   Golden Paragon Plate
   Warlord of Nulgath
   ReignDragon Rider
   Hand of Tera'Suul
   Champion of Sinmaw
   Energy Realm Champion
   Legendary Samurai Warlord O-Yoroi
   Scarred Crow
   Advanced Vamp
   Radiant Winged Guardian
   Angelic Robes
   Light Lord's Cleric
   Light Realm Champion
   Under Realm Champion
   Kickstarter Hero
   Cleric of Carnafex
   Beachmancer Garb
   Ice Cream Crusader
   Demonmancer Plate
   Dragonhide Armour
   Spirit Protector
   Fruitcake Berserker
   Fat & Tacky Santa
   Terror Raiment
   Cyber Assassin
   Hydrocampus Rider
   Frozen Dragonslayer
   Vibrant Living Armour
   Doom Knight
   Fallen King's Plate
   King's Reign Plate
   Fujin no Kiyousa
   Pixel Hero
   Knight of the Fire Orb
   High Oracle's Taladosian Robes
   Ebony Sepulchure Form
   Twilly Form
   Black Pirate Costume
   Supreme Overlord's Dynasty
   Chaos Armour
   Horo-Show Void Vigilante
   Advanced 'Emoran Knight Armour
   Blarney Rogue 3
   Human Fisher
   Legendary Blacksmith Garb


Shield of Awe!!!
Chaser Bracer
Lunar Eclipse Shield
Geocastellum Bulwark
Airenal's Crest
Sinmaw's Guile
Corrupted Pyro Chrono Shield
Frostgale's Grace
   Shadowwalker's Shield of Time
   Defender of Frostval Past
   Shield of Agony's Blood
   Cryocastellum Defender
   Luna Defender
   Luna Defender
   Sentari Guard
   Frostval Merc's Reflexes
   Samukematsuri Buckler
   Bloodthorn Shield
   Lantern of Souls
   Celtic Wheel
   Golden Paragon Protector
   Cerberus Ward
   Cryo Chrono Shield
   Hydro Blaze Shield
   Heritage Memorial Shield
   Corrupted Flora Shield
   Tera'Suul's Scales
   Energy Realm Protector
   Stout Talon
   Doom Knight Shield
   Light Realm Protector
   Under Realm Protector
   Soul of Sole
   High Communicant's Valiance
   Eternal Twilight's Regalia
   Terror Totem
   Father Time
   Supreme Overlord's Legend
   Fruitcake Wreath
   Accordion Shield
   Fallen King's Guard
   King's Reign Guard
   Divine Yata Mirror
   Pixel Guard
   HULA Hoop
   High Oracle's Taladosian Ward
   Horo-Show Void Vindicator
   Pureheart Mirror
   Cryo Draconic Chronomancer Shield
   Continuum Chronomancer Shield
   Quantum Chronomancer Shield


Cysero's Teleport Booth
Destruction Burst
Arctic Tornado
Creation Burst
Call Mana Bat
Psycho Candy Hearts
ArchMage Research
   Imanok Edoc
   Kiss of the Angel of Darkness
   Spectral Chains
   Conjure Shadow
   Catnip Senses
   Terrapin Shell
   Samukematsuri Caltrops
   Guardian Summon Mirror Ryuusei
   Summon Poelala
   Sisters of Mercy
   Healing Seeds
   Frostval Merc's Regen Factor
   Moonwalker's Grace
   Call Maple Beaver
   Summon Undead Army
   Chocolate Syrup
   Drop the MOAP
   Overcharged Cure Fatal Wounds
   Guardian's Embrace the Shadows
   Biggest Fan
   Fruitcake Fury
   No Lemons, No Melon
   Frigid Fury
   Purple Rain
   Guardian Skyblade
   Maple Storm
   Deadly Icicle
   Frostbite G
   Bomb-o-lantern G
   Angelic Light
   Healing Wings
   Musical Stomp
   Allergic Reaction
   Candy Cane Cataclysm
   Pixel Storm
   Cure Fatal Wounds
   Call Squidge
   Eye of Chaos
   Miraculous Recovery
   Torturous Torrent
   Miraculous Pumpkin Patch
   Graveyard Smash
   Spectral Ninjas
   Lagoon Leviathan Blast
   Ornament Golem Assault


Fairy Godmother
Twisted Juvenile Void Dragon
Health Leech
Custom Zard
Vampoglin Lord
Sin of Revontheus
Geocastellum Cauldron
Ice Guardian Dragon Jr.
   My Tiny Void Pwny
   Lilliputian Sorcerer Army
   Sacred Chicken
   Samukematsuri Kirin
   Baby Platinum Dragon
   Psychedelic Dinosaur
   Dire Wolf
   Supreme Overlord's Reincarnation
   Ice Cream Golem
   Diamond Flutterby
   Mana Leech
   Terror Arañacabra
   Neko Waifer
   Fujin's Curse
   Pixel Stalker
   Badb Catha
   Legendary Soluna
   Snow Angel
   High Oracle's Sacragon
   Azrael's Reaper
   ElBhe Doll G
   Wyrm Knight's Familiar
   Solar Spirit Cat
   Lunar Spirit Cat
   Fatal Baby Chimeran
   High Communicant's Oath
   Legendary Pygmy Zombie Groupies
   Retro Twilly G
   Aloha PikaZard
   Cozy Goblin
   Little Pegasid
   Frost Effigy

Misc Items

Zfinity Gauntlet: Power
Zfinity Gauntlet: Time
Zfinity Gauntlet: Space
Zfinity Gauntlet: Mind
Zfinity Gauntlet: Soul
Excelsior Elixir
Crystal of Restless Shadows G
Shadowfeeder Pendant
   Undead Knight Minion Helm
   Paladin's Oath
   Rejuvenating Necklace
   Mystic Plug
   Taladosian Pendant
   Helm of Frostval Past
   Pixel Ether
   Iron Golem Helm
   Essence Orb
   Samukematsuri Oni Mask
   Lightning Charm
   Cracked Ornament
   Destruction Diamond
   Mana Trap
   Frostval Merc's Smoke Grenade
   Windter Crown
   Elven Sniper Assist
   Roly-Poly Codpiece
   Scuba Mask
   Coire Dagdae
   Head of Raydius Dragon
   Moldy Basilia Bread
   Terror Visage
   Fruitcake Brick
   Amish Hat
   Divine Yasakani Jewel
   Kitsune Mask
   Angel Bells
   Staff Master Emblem G
   Sword Master Emblem G
   Insightful Twilight Mirror
   Gogg's Fortune
   Horo-Show Void Visor
   Trophy of Supreme Enthusiasm
   Gemini Pendant
   Mirrored Specs
   Cozy Fire Orb
   Old Belfount Souvenir Snowglobe
   Greater Water Orb
   Bell Shell

House Paintings

Witches Portrait
Nightbane's Last Stand
Portal to Trescol
Portal to Kairula
Chairman Platinum
Snugglefest Portal Painting
Blarney Portal Painting
Grenwog Portal Painting
April Fools' Portal Painting
Golden Giftbox Painting
Dracolich Head Portrait
Mogloween Portal Painting
Frostval '14: It's a Wonderful Life of Crime [1E]
Frostval '15: Fruitcake Fury! [1E]
Cinco DOOM Mayo Painting
Frostval '16: Rise of the Sweater Zombies [1E]
Sea Titan
Harvest Portal Painting

House Guards

Mighty Shada' Naga Yaga
Spirit of Light
Overlord Phoenix
Alpha Dracoglin
Dracofiend Lord
Twilight Raven
Baby Sacragon
Overlord Phoenix
Spirit of Light
Mighty Shada' Naga Witch-Queen
Baby Sacragon
Fujin Dragon
Spirit of Light
Twilight Raven
Overlord Phoenix
Male Neko Waifer
Female Neko Waifer


Reaper of Souls
Draconic Chronomancer
Time Lord
King of Kings
Cyber Assassin
Essence of Fire
Emperor of Lore
The Conqueror
Nerd Crusher
Legendary Adventurer
King of Shades
To Infinity And Beyond!
Fears No Fruitcake
Master Terror
Minty Fresh Breath
Grand Twelfth Knight
Essence of the Light
The Start of Something Beautiful
Kaiju Crusher
Gemini Rising
Legendary Guardian
Soul of War
High Cleric of the Chicken
Champion of the Under Realm
In Hot Water
The Impaler
Champion of the Energy Realm
Time Bandit
Deep Sea Fisher
Leaves No One Behind
Corrupted Pyro Chronomancer
Underwold Chronomancer
Continuum Chronomancer
Quantum Chronomancer

Mirror Disguises

Void of Nulgath M
Demon M
Lonely Ranger M
Iron Knight M
Demonmancer M
Shadow M
Vartai M
Asgir'Rook Male
Ninja M
Empowered Underworld Chronomancer M
Empowered Underworld Chronomancer F
Underworld Chronomancer M
Underworld Chronomancer F
Draconic Chronomancer M
Draconic Chronomancer F
Obsidian Necromancer M