AdventureQuest Character

Dark Phoenix


Born on 9/12/2006
Became a Guardian on 7/8/2011
Last Played on 9/1/2019

Mirror Disguises


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House: Deren Mansion Estate

Under Attack! Guard Tower Under Attack! Stone Pit Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack Under Attack! Mana Collector Under Attack! Deren Wheat Field Under Attack! Trade Hut Under Attack! Storage Building Under Attack! Mega World Portal Under Attack! Storage Building II Under Attack! Deren Mana Collector Under Attack! Corn Field Under Attack! Museum Under Attack! Beanstalk Under Attack! Storage Building III Under Attack! Storage Building IV Under Attack! Ye Olde Eatery Under Attack! Stone Pit II Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack II Under Attack! Corn Field II Under Attack! Deren Wheat Field II Under Attack! Deren Mana Collector II

War Battle Records   Hide Records

2422 character wins
10921 character wins
5637 character 3288 army wins
0 character 810 army wins
6095 character 1430 army wins
6353 character 2785 army wins
1370 character 399 army wins
1057 character 1351 army wins
10711 character 1113 army wins
8000 character 1185 army wins
8057 character 1256 army wins
4931 character 948 army wins
5052 character 1301 army wins
4171 character 1511 army wins
1162 character 1527 army wins
201 character 1111 army wins
52 character 1370 army wins
0 character 907 army wins
100 character 1610 army wins
1 character 214 army wins
2 character 1543 army wins
32 character 185 guard 831 army wins
17 character wins
2 character wins
2 character wins
77 character 446 army wins
20 character 472 army wins
13 character 772 army wins
2 character wins
4 character wins
22 character wins
30 character 1062 army wins
2 character wins
486 character 1008 army wins
2 character wins
3457 character 1265 army wins
2 character 457 army wins
169 character 64 guard 1047 army wins
0 character 437 army wins
0 character 167 army wins
16 character 879 army wins
0 character 755 army wins
5 character 125 army wins
4 character 62 army wins
4 character 105 army wins
8 character 62 army wins
8 character 119 army wins
4 character 253 army wins
4 character 100 army wins
4 character 106 army wins
18 character 448 army wins
10 character 944 army wins
4 character 375 army wins
2 character 195 army wins
10 character 24 guard 766 army wins
170 character 1253 army wins
2 character 160 army wins
53 character 86 guard 564 army wins
2 character 16 guard wins
3 character 182 guard wins
4 character 234 guard wins
8 character 104 guard 399 army wins
2 character 56 guard wins
18 character 280 guard wins
4 character 311 guard wins
1 character 49 guard wins
1 character 19 guard wins
3 character 33 guard wins
7 character 38 guard wins
11 character 7 guard wins
10 character 43 guard wins
4 character wins
8 character 25 guard wins
2 character 10 guard wins
4 character 24 guard wins
0 character 5 guard wins
0 character 9 guard wins
16 character 40 guard wins
8 character 9 guard wins
4 character 4 guard wins
12 character 27 guard wins
13 character wins
4 character wins


Blade of Awe!!!
Star Sabre of Hatred
Bloodzerker's Terra Sword
Terror Eater
Mighty Blade of Frostval Past
Bloodzerker's Blazing Sword
Zealot's Wrath
Hydromancer's Bloodblade
   Tempest Scimitar
   Agony's Embrace
   Nulgath's Wrath
   Long Talon
   Crimson Dragon Strike Lance
   Peta Dragon Buster
   Ultimate Dragon Scythe of Elements
   Curse of the Legion
   Lumenomancer's Bloodblade
   Legendary French Vanilla Ice Katana
   Samukematsuri Katana
   Ultra Krieger Blade
   Onyxx Wartexx
   Gorilla Wolf Dom 'n' Ash 'n'
   Blood Storm
   Pumpkin Slayer
   Your Bologna
   Witch Waster
   Ultra Omni Knight Blade
   Melee Flaming Sword
   Infernal Bludrut Blade
   Wreath Wrath G
   Legendary Hunter's Darklaw
   Monolith Mace
   Legendary Purifying Crescent Blade
   Pixel Blade
   Frostval Merc's Blade
   Moglord Axe
   Galanoth's Pike
   Chaos Axe
   Sentari Edge
   Clockwork Scythe
   Shadowfire Axe of Curses
   Enchanted Pixel Blade
   13th Machete
   Frozen Dragon Buster
   Samukematsuri Warbow
   Antarctic Athame
   Sterling High Noon
   Divine Dracolich Devastator
   Ruler Buster Blade
   Kaiju Killer
   Blazing Dragon Blade
   Sterling Anchor Chain
   Antarctic Athame
   Abyssal Drowning Depths
   Carnel's Necrotic Blighted Scythe
   Carnel's Infernal Blighted Scythe
   Merry Lance of Frostval Past
   Festive Blunderbuss
   Crimson Lyfang Mace
   Crimson Darklaw Spear
   Elite Cai-Man Warden's Glaive
   Elite Cai-Man Reefstalker's Glaive
   Elite Emancipator Falchion
   Elite Hoplite Xiphos


Mighty UltraGuardian Plate
Blazing Bloodzerker
Terra Bloodzerker
Terror Raiment
Kindred Spirits' Valiance
White Knight Z
Fat & Tacky Santa
   Armour of Frostval Past
   Shinyaro Form
   Samukematsuri Samurai
   Frozen Dragonslayer
   Human Fisher
   Cleric of Carnafex
   Pixel Hero
   Warg Rider
   Angel of Souls
   Angelic Robes
   Chaos Armour
   Windter Warrior
   Moglord Tortress
   Wicked King Plate
   Moonchaser Rider
   Fruitcake Berserker
   Festive Bard of War
   Demonmancer Plate
   Golden Paragon Plate
   Sweater Dragon Mount
   Predatory Vampire Form
   Frostval Mercenary Garb
   Sugar Rush Guardian Armor
   Leprechaun Power Au-rmour G
   Flame Guardian Dragon Form Z
   Elahi Waqaya of Osiris
   Fatal Chimeran Vindicator
   Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
   Eternal Twilight's Mantle
   Advanced Sol Neko
   Heartless Beast Werepyre
   Festive Leprechaun
   Elite Umazen Emancipator Armour


UltraGuardian Shield
Chieftain's IronThorn
Hydro Blaze Shield
Terror Totem
Cryo Chrono Shield
Golden Paragon Protector
Dynamo Defender
Defender of Frostval Past
   Accordion Shield
   Crimson Dragon Strike Guard
   Lunar Eclipse Shield
   Samukematsuri Buckler
   Frostval Merc's Reflexes
   Lantern of Souls
   Supreme Overlord's Legend
   Pixel Guard
   Elahi Ikm of Osiris
   Moglord Shield
   High Communicant's Valiance
   Horo-Show Void Vindicator
   Father Time
   Charmed Knotwork Shield
   Hand of Chillax
   Blowout Shield
   Sentari Guard
   Shield of Agony's Blood
   Soul of Sole
   Stout Talon
   Radiant Aegis
   Chaser Bracer
   Broken Mirror Defender
   Fireworks Buckler
   Kindred Spirits' Devotion
   Thunderbird Joust Shield
   Serenia's Benediction
   Desert Raider Defender


Call Dunamis
Purple Rain
Transcended Water of Immortality
Call Poutine Golem
Nezujimbo Contract G
Call Zorbonyx
Call Mogdin
Spectral Chains
   Call Mana Bat
   Summon Icemaster Yeti
   Your Hand Glows with an Awesome Power
   Your Soul Burns Bright as a Beacon
   Seeds of Restoration
   Guardian Summon Mirror Ryuusei
   Ninja Lawyer Assassin Contract
   Call Maple Beaver
   Frostval Merc's Regen Factor
   Miraculous Pumpkin Patch
   Healing Wings
   Angelic Light
   Moglord War Party
   Eye of Chaos
   Darksplatter Classic
   Kiss of the Amesha VIII
   Drone Strike
   Luminous Wyrm Strike G
   Carnax Stomp G
   Call of Chillax
   Two Sizes Too Small
   Guardian Toy Bomb
   Consuming Wizard's Fire
   Major Award
   Toy Soldier Bombardment
   Bomb-o-lantern G
   Frostbite G
   Samukematsuri Caltrops
   Call RhubZard
   Guardian Summon Eukara Vox VII
   Call Sugar Gobbler
   Summon Infernal Skull
   Void Dragon Assault
   2019 New Year's Surprise
   Weredragon Breath


Moglord Warboar
Ice Cream Golem
Psychedelic Dinosaur
Terror Arañacabra
Kindred Spirits' Tranquility
Ice Guardian Dragon Jr.
   Cai-Man Shiprender
   Vampoglin Lord
   Samukematsuri Kirin
   Infernal Djinn
   Mana Golem
   Dire Wolf
   Pixel Stalker
   Baby Platinum Dragon
   Dangerously Adorable Cabbit
   Crag & Bamboozle
   Deadeye Cupid
   Guardian Fishboy
   Mini Chillax
   Drag O'Lantern
   Ruby MotherShip
   'Olive'-Class Drone
   Mini Nulgath
   Bobble Devourer
   Snow Angel
   Demon Soul Robot
   Juvenile Lupragon
   Blood Ruby Golem

Misc Items

Blood Contract
Cozy Fire Orb
Cracked Ornament
Head of Raydius Dragon
Essence Orb
Shadowfeeder Pendant
Terror Visage
Spirit of Frostval
   Helm of Frostval Past
   Steam Gauge
   Greater Water Orb
   AQ's 16th Birthday Cupcake
   Mana Trap
   Samukematsuri Oni Mask
   Amish Hat
   Angel Bells
   Horo-Show Void Visor
   Guardian Valkyrie Helm
   Shield Generator
   All-Seeing Eye of the Sacragon
   Mother's Charm Earrings
   Moglord Crown
   Pixel Ether
   Mindlock Orb V
   Frostval Merc's Smoke Grenade
   Pendant of The`Galin G
   Paladin's Oath
   Blood Ruby
   Quillion V
   Kamohoali'i Jaw
   Zombie Heart
   Crucible of Fire V
   Water Sign
   Stone Sign
   Iron Sign
   Bronze Sign
   Mirrored Specs
   Windter Crown
   Legendary Shadow Crystal V1
   Taladosian Pendant
   Bell Shell
   Thunderbird Joust Headpiece
   Frigid Zorbak Doll
   Excelsior Elixir
   Murderator Gauntlet
   Desert Raider Helm

House Paintings

Mother's Love
Nightbane's Last Stand
The Eternal
Temple of Hope Inside
Temple of Hope Outside
Old Twilly
Older Twilly
Old Boog
Portal to Trescol
Dracolich Head Portrait
Akriloth Head Portrait
Drakonnan Head Portrait
Carnax Head Portrait
The`Galin Head Portrait
SeekRat Head Portrait
Mogloween Portal Painting
Chairman Platinum
Golden Giftbox Painting
Cinco DOOM Mayo Painting
Frostval '18: A Nightmarish Frostval Carol
Void Dragon Queen

House Guards

Red Dragon
Ice Dragon
Candy Golem
Mighty Shadow Roc
Master of Evil
Dragoncat Guard
Mighty Shadow Minotaur
Mighty Shada' Naga Baba Yaga
Mighty Shadow Hydra
Mighty Shadow Gogg
Mighty Shadow Chimera
Mighty Shadow Sphinx


Champion of Life
One flew over the Kukoo's nest
Dragon Dragon Slayer Slayer
Un-Uncreated Unstoppable Warlord
Sham Jonin Menace
Master Terror
Slayer of the Wicked
Special Guest Star
Legendary Guardian
Ticket Taker
Sailing Master
First Mate
Cabin Boy
Disciple of Dunamis
In Hot Water
Reaper of Souls
Bachelor of Undermedicine
Deep Sea Fisher
A Gauge of Character
Un-Uncreated Unstoppable Warmonger
Un-Uncreated Unflinching Warmonger
Armchair Paladin
Dragon Dragon Slayer Master
Dragon Dragon Slayer Dominator
Shock to the Heart
Zard of Seven Seas
The World is Your Oyster
Saviour of Mogloween
Serenity, Avatar of Serenia
Frigid Nightmare Annihilator
Frigid Leprechaun Annihilator
Vessel of Frostval
Ultimate Unresurrector
Cai-Man Conqueror

Mirror Disguises

Human Male 14
Khold Retro
Shamrock Shinobi Masked M
Shamrock Shinobi Masked F
Dare Debil M
Demon Retro
Skull Retro
Captain Rhubarb
SnuggleFace M
Corsair Elite M
Corsair Elite F
Serenia's Elite Defender M
Sylich Elite M
Sylich Elite F
Serenia's Elite Defender F
Cai-Man Hunter Hunter Elite M
Northern Defender M
Northern Defender F
Cai-Man Hunter Hunter Elite F
Umazen Prime
Umazen Hoplite Elite
Cursed Dragonslayer General M
Cursed Dragonslayer General F
Undead Knight M
Undead Knight F
Summer Time Male
Red Valkyrie
Kallus Knight M