AdventureQuest Character

The Paladin Hero


Born on 6/27/2006
Became a Guardian on 7/6/2006
Last Played on 11/27/2021

Mirror Disguises


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House: Skycastle Mansion Estate

Under Attack! Skycastle Wheat Field II Under Attack! Skycastle Windmill Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack Under Attack! Stone Pit Under Attack! Stone Pit II Under Attack! Storage Building Under Attack! Guard Tower Under Attack! Skycastle Wheat Field Under Attack! Trade Hut Under Attack! Museum Under Attack! Storage Building III Under Attack! Storage Building IV Under Attack! Ye Olde Eatery Under Attack! Stone Pit III Under Attack! Beanstalk Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack II Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack III Under Attack! Skycastle Wheat Field III Under Attack! Skycastle Windmill II Under Attack! Storage Building II Under Attack! Mega World Portal Under Attack! Corn Field Under Attack! Corn Field II Under Attack! Corn Field III Under Attack! Storage Building V Under Attack! Cave Entrance Under Attack! Mana Collector Under Attack! Mana Collector II Under Attack! Mana Collector III Under Attack! Fishing Pond Under Attack! Fishing Pond II Under Attack! Fishing Pond III Under Attack! Vegetable Garden Under Attack! Vegetable Garden II Under Attack! Vegetable Garden III Under Attack! Skycastle Windmill III Under Attack! Battle Stat Trainer Under Attack! Magic Stat Trainer

War Battle Records   Hide Records

5 character wins
5 character wins
11 character wins
5 character wins
0 character 1 guard 16 army wins
3021 character 47 guard 433 army wins
572 character 1082 guard 1832 army wins
4 character 103 guard wins
81 character 513 guard wins
88 character wins
75 character wins
12 character wins
4 character wins
202 character wins
17 character 807 guard 6 army wins
13 character 857 guard 23 army wins
0 character 628 guard 57 army wins
10 character 823 guard 355 army wins
0 character 120 guard 771 army wins
0 character 198 army wins
24 character 689 guard wins
0 character 385 guard 330 army wins
5 character 274 guard 669 army wins
69 character 220 guard 306 army wins
16 character 24 guard 347 army wins
3 character 60 army wins


Blade of Awe!!!
Re's Absolute Annihilator
Nightbane Clawclub
Franken Soul Drinker
Eclipsed Dragonlord's Might
Haunted Dragonlord's Might
Shark Sabre
French Vanilla Ice Katana
   Lovely Axe
   Evolved Protector Rod
   Sacred Paladin Sword
   Peta Dragon Buster
   Sinmaw's Mastermind
   Sun Blade
   Adept Protector Rod
   Twisted Star Sabre of Justice
   Mighty Hare Raiser Blade
   Deathwright Whipblade
   Galactic Void Katana
   Twisted Ultra Krieger Blade
   Fruitcake Sword
   Voltaic Bloodzerker's Sword
   Zabura's Hammer
   Unstoppable Grakma Butcherer
   Radiant Light of Sunscale
   Spring Dryad Axe
   Frostgale's Breaker
   Titan Slayer
   Light Realm Warhammer
   Exalted Unity
   Dark Mjollnir
   Far Northern Hospitality
   Tera'Suul's Drive
   Samukematsuri Katana
   Royal Void Charge
   Giant's Wrath
   Golden Dragon Spear
   Void Spear of War
   Dracolich Devastator
   Perfectly Balanced Blade
   Radiant Paladin Cavalier Lance
   Necragon's Might
   Pearl Dragon Blade
   Aodh's Intervention
   Quenching Bloodzerker's Sword
   Terra Bloodzerker's Sword
   Lorekeeper's Oath
   Stormhawk Scythe
   Bonebreaker Berserker Axe
   Gloom Glaive
   Grand Lotus Spear
   Grenwog Lance
   Abyssal Taxing Cutlass of Nulgath
   Kindred Spirits' Enlightenment
   Airenal's Lance
   Twisted Tempest Scimitar
   Twisted Hunter's Darklaw
   Terminus Twinmaul
   King's Reign Blade
   Wolf King Shortboard
   Frostwyrm Talon
   Frostwyrm Fang
   Frostwyrm Horn


Mighty Ultra!!!Guardian Plate
Champion Holy Avenger
Advanced Werewolf
Franken Savage Werewolf Form
Haunted Dragonlord Armour
Adept Protector Armor
Ultimon's Armour
Cleric of Carnafex
   Legion Marauder
   Fruitcake Berserker
   Paladin Rider
   VelociZard Rider
   Evolved Protector Armor
   Kindred Spirits' Valiance
   Lord of Thunder
   H-Series Tempest Power Armor
   Grenwog Slayer Garb
   White Knight Z
   Sneak Garb
   Shinyaro Form
   Blacksmith Garb
   High Oracle's Taladosian Robes
   Voltaic Bloodzerker
   Hyperalphean Barbarian
   Excelsior Guard Armour
   Terra Bloodzerker
   Quenching Bloodzerker
   Fatal Chimeran Vindicator
   Deceiver's Fortune
   Champion of Sinmaw
   War's Legacy
   Grenwog Rider
   Torontosaurus Rex
   Axemaster's Burden
   Hand of Tera'Suul
   Dragonrider Mount
   Frogzard Hunter
   Frostgale's Legacy
   Fiend of Light
   Ultimate Hunter
   Griffinrider Mount
   Moonchaser Rider
   Mecha Knight Powersuit
   Samukematsuri Samurai
   ReignDragon Rider
   Necragon Guise
   Light Realm Champion
   Hare Raiser Magician
   Werepyre Slayer
   Headless Horseman
   Glorious Matchmaker
   Superstar Muscle Mage
   King's Reign Plate
   Twisted Dragonhide Armour


Ultra!!!Guardian Shield
Devourer of Souls Aegis
Evolved Protector Shield
Adept Protector Shield
Haunted Dragonlord's Will
Eclipsed Dragonlord's Will
Chieftain's IronThorn
   Cozy Farzhad Mogloo
   Fireworks Buckler
   Bloodfang Omen Shield
   Spring Dryad Defender
   Paladin Defender
   Sinmaw's Guile
   War-Torn Heirloom
   Cryo Chrono Shield
   Lunar Eclipse Shield
   Geocastellum Bulwark
   Golden Dragon Head Shield
   Mistral's Grace
   Tera'Suul's Scales
   Fruitcake Wreath
   Hyperalphean Skjoldr
   Dark Jarnskjoldr
   Memorial Shield
   Chimeran Vindicator Shield
   Cerberus Ward
   Broken Mirror Defender
   Emancipator's Radiance
   Broken Ornament
   Thunder Lord's Crest
   Cerberus Shield
   Magnus' Tremor Bastion
   Magnus' Searing Bastion
   Ancient Tower Scale
   Void Awakening Wall
   Light Realm Protector
   Kindred Spirits' Devotion
   Mother's Growth Shield
   King's Reign Guard
   Frostwyrm Defender


Sisters of Mercy
Imanok Edoc
Radiant Might
Overcharged Miraculous Recovery
Your Body Heals at the Speed of Light
Gecko Chomp
Iron Maiden
Call Mogdin
   Call Poutine Golem
   Hyperalphean Invocation
   Weredragon Breath
   Call PikaTwilly
   Your Hand Glows with an Awesome Power
   Call Dunamis
   Call Twilly
   Call Legion Cryo Cannoneer
   Kiss of the Angel of Darkness
   Call Grimlord
   Angelic Light
   Guardian Summon Mirror Ryuusei
   Call Mogsterio
   Samukematsuri Caltrops
   Call Katabar
   Call Female Shinobi
   Summon Icemaster Yeti
   Call Dekanor
   Blazing Phoenix
   Call Extraordinary Lepre-Chan


Twisted Juvenile Void Dragon
Fu Dog
Evolved Protean
Adept Protean
Baby Eternal Dragon of Time
   Geocastellum Cauldron
   Umbral Godmother
   Called Void Awakening Skull
   Vampire Bat
   Custom Zard
   My Tiny Void Pwny
   Pig Drake
   Northern River Dragon
   Tree Troll
   Shiny WoolZard
   Happy Cloud
   Angra Linnorm
   Diamond Flutterby
   High Communicant's Oath
   Frost Effigy
   Bone Smasher
   Baby Egg
   Gym Rat
   Mini Grenwog
   Dark Visor
   Kindred Spirits' Tranquility
   Frostwyrm Totem

Misc Items

Mark of Loco
Mark of Lorithia
Mark of Serenia
Legendary Shadow Crystal V2
Mark of Sylvanus
Mark of The'Galin
Mark of Falerin
Bronze Kettle
   Sunburst Amulet
   Light Orb
   Hyperalphean Dragon Fang
   Bell Shell
   Hollow Dragon Amulet
   Gold Storage Chest
   Ravenous Talisman
   Certificate of Absolute Victory
   Samukematsuri Oni Mask
   Excelsior Elixir
   Trophy of Supreme Enthusiasm
   Fireworks Display
   Koofu Kaller
   Paladin's Oath
   Mana Trap
   AQ's 17th Birthday Cupcake
   Clever Disguise
   Elahi Irt of Osiris
   Fruitcake Brick
   Kamohoali'i Jaw
   Frostwyrm Mask
   Venomjade Crown

House Paintings

The Frost King
Earth Dragon
Mother's Love
Nightbane's Last Stand
The Eternal
Temple of Hope Inside
Temple of Hope Outside
Portal to Trescol
Golden Giftbox Painting
April Fools' Portal Painting

House Guards

Red Dragon
Ice Dragon
Dragoncat Guard
Master of Evil
Drakel Bouncer
Nerfkitten Scion
Guard Dog
MeGogg Guard
Bishop Finch
Bishop Finch
Wolf Brain Spider
Black Widow Brain Spider
Krie-Guardian Mage
Front Door
Baorus the Deathwright Guard
Reverse FlibbitiestGibbest
Thunder Cat
Dragoncat Guard
Wabio Guard


Champion of Light
Legendary Guardian
King of Kings
Essence of the Wind
Essence of the Light
Essence of The Sun
Disciple of Dunamis
Champion of Tera'Suul
Feathered Friend
Champion of Sinmaw
Cyber Assassin
Mister Frostval
Live and Let Love

Mirror Disguises

Doll M
Human Male 9
Shadowscythe Templar M
Frostspawn Horns M
Red Viking
Paladin Cavalry Champion M
Erebus Elite Disguise M
Erebus Elite Disguise F
Frostwyrm Rider Helm M
Frostwyrm Rider Helm F