AdventureQuest Character



Born on 5/9/2006
Became a Guardian on 6/14/2006
Last Played on 12/9/2019

Mirror Disguises


House: Skycastle Mansion Estate

Under Attack! Vegetable Garden Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack Under Attack! Vegetable Garden II Under Attack! Stone Pit Under Attack! Storage Building Under Attack! Fishing Pond Under Attack! Trade Hut Under Attack! Guard Tower Under Attack! Mega World Portal Under Attack! Museum Under Attack! Skycastle Wheat Field Under Attack! Corn Field II Under Attack! Skycastle Windmill Under Attack! Battle Stat Trainer Under Attack! Storage Building II

War Battle Records   Hide Records

12 character 178 guard wins
6 character wins
4 character 70 guard 105 army wins
40 character 251 guard 142 army wins
0 character 164 guard wins
12 character wins
8 character 137 guard 128 army wins
37 character 217 guard 258 army wins
21 character 396 guard wins
130 character 662 guard wins
4 character 131 guard wins
40 character 153 guard wins
0 character 149 guard wins
252 character 34 guard wins
12 character wins
4 character wins
5 character wins
5 character wins
15 character wins
8 character wins
8 character wins
1 character wins
4 character wins
4 character wins
2 character wins


Blade of Awe!!!
Blade of Agony's Blood
Pumpkin Slayer
Tempest Scimitar
Horo-Show Void Vanquisher
Peta Dragon Buster
Eternity Key
Gatekeeper's Edge
   Sinmaw's Mastermind
   Bloodzerker's Terra Sword
   Fang of Custosilva
   Desert Raider Armaments
   Lumenomancer's Bloodblade
   Zealot's Wrath
   Star Sabre of Pacifism
   Airenal's Lance
   Terror Eater
   Agony's Embrace
   Tera'Suul's Drive
   French Vanilla Ice Katana
   Bloodzerker's Blazing Sword
   Nulgath's Wrath
   Samukematsuri Katana
   Akriloth's Hatred
   Melee Gift Box VIII '19
   Ranged Gift Box VIII '19
   Magic Gift Box VIII '19


Mighty Armor of Awe
Blazing Bloodzerker
Sinister Pumpkin Overlord
Axemaster's Burden
Hand of Tera'Suul
Sneak Garb
Golden Paragon Plate
Doom Knight
   Horo-Show Void Vigilante
   Svadilfari's Oath
   Terra Bloodzerker
   Spirit of Custosilva
   Griffinrider Mount
   Shinyaro Form
   Champion of Sinmaw
   White Knight Z
   High Communicant's Zeal
   Mason Form
   Human Fisher
   Kindred Spirits' Valiance
   Moglord Tortress
   Terror Raiment
   The Decimator
   Angel of Souls
   Torontosaurus Rex
   Samukematsuri Samurai
   Headless Horseman
   Wicked King Plate
   Ethereal Savage Werewolf Form
   Armour Giftbox VIII '19


UltraGuardian Shield
Shield of Agony's Blood
Kindred Spirits' Devotion
Divine Yata Mirror
Cryo Chrono Shield
Chieftain's IronThorn
Sinmaw's Guile
Scarab Shell
   Samukematsuri Buckler
   Scales of Custosilva
   Terror Totem
   Eye of Naab
   Desert Raider Defender
   High Communicant's Valiance
   Hydro Blaze Shield
   Cerberus Ward
   Father Time
   Horo-Show Void Vindicator
   Tera'Suul's Scales
   Shield Gift Box VIII '19


Purple Rain
Buffalot's Beach Bod
Moonwalker's Grace
Call Dunamis
Call RhubZard
Call Mogdin
Call Grimlord
Void Dragon Assault
   Gift Box Spell VIII '19


Pet Gift Box VIII '19

Misc Items

Essence Orb
Elahi Irt of Osiris
Helm of Frostval Past
Shadowfeeder Pendant
Blood Contract
Legendary Shadow Crystal V1
AQ's 17th Birthday Cupcake
Murderator Gauntlet
   Blood Ruby
   Terror Visage
   Horo-Show Void Visor
   Desert Raider Helm
   Fireworks Display
   Head of Raydius Dragon
   Excelsior Elixir
   Misc Gift Box VIII '19

House Paintings

Golden Giftbox Painting
Nightmare Family
Nightbane's Last Stand
Chilly and Robina
Culak and Kendrel
Temple of Hope Inside
Old Twilly
Older Twilly
The Eternal
Portal to Kairula
Portal to Trescol

House Guards

Ice Dragon
Dragoncat Guard
Red Dragon
Master of Evil


Dire Wolf
Mister Frostval
Easy Rider
Kukoo Bird
Tidal Might
Ghost Hunter
Queen Slayer
Master Terror
Puppy Kicker
Ace Detective
The Decimator
On Cloud Nine
Frogzard Hunter
Essence of Fire
Monster Hunter
Reaper of Souls
Hokuto Shinneko
Deep Sea Fisher
Incredibly Hulking
Kingdom Breaker
Shock to the Heart
Werebeast Reborn
No Man Left Behind
Tied Up in Red Tape
Legendary Guardian
Slayer of the Wicked
Champion of Sinmaw
Un-Uncreated Soldier
Champion of Tera'Suul
Contender of the Arena
Champion of Custosilva
Alpha Werebeast Reborn
A Glorious Little Pile of Awesome

Mirror Disguises

Chaos Knight M
Sylich M