AdventureQuest Character



Born on 1/23/2010
Became a Guardian on 1/23/2010
Last Played on 1/21/2021

Mirror Disguises


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House: Skycastle Mansion Estate

Under Attack! Museum Under Attack! Mega World Portal Under Attack! Trade Hut Under Attack! Stone Pit Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack Under Attack! Skycastle Wheat Field Under Attack! Skycastle Windmill Under Attack! Guard Tower Under Attack! Skycastle Wheat Field II Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack II Under Attack! Stone Pit II Under Attack! Storage Building Under Attack! Beanstalk Under Attack! Ye Olde Eatery Under Attack! Storage Building II Under Attack! Corn Field Under Attack! Corn Field II Under Attack! Skycastle Windmill II Under Attack! Storage Building III Under Attack! Storage Building IV Under Attack! Vegetable Garden Under Attack! Vegetable Garden II Under Attack! Mana Collector Under Attack! Fishing Pond Under Attack! Mana Collector II Under Attack! Fishing Pond II Under Attack! Battle Stat Trainer Under Attack! Magic Stat Trainer

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4 character 96 army wins
14 character 2231 army wins
724 character 2851 army wins
4 character 2169 army wins
92 character 4089 army wins
177 character 19 guard 12 army wins
13 character 1943 army wins
4 character wins
9 character wins
22 character wins
4 character wins
61 character wins
12 character wins
82 character wins
30 character wins
53 character wins
12 character wins
15 character wins
26 character wins
350 character wins
72 character wins
108 character wins
64 character wins
6 character wins
23 character wins
15 character wins
6 character wins
2 character wins
36 character wins
84 character wins
112 character wins
28 character wins
4 character wins
4 character wins
4 character wins
54 character wins
58 character wins
45 character wins
12 character wins
4 character wins
4 character wins
11 character wins
16 character wins
16 character wins
8 character wins
3 character wins


Blade of Awe!!!
Legendary Blazing Bloodzerker's Sword
Legendary Quenching Bloodzerker's Sword
Mighty Blade of Frostval Past
Legendary Terra Bloodzerker's Sword
Voltaic Bloodzerker's Sword
Zabura's Hammer
Eclipsed Dragonlord's Might
   Akriloth's Hatred
   Spacefarer's Frost Cannon
   Dreamweaver's Scourge
   Lorekeeper's Oath
   Master's Blade
   2021 New Year's Club
   Frigid Devouring Scythe
   Haunted Dragonlord's Might
   Terror Eater
   Sacred Paladin Sword
   Drakath Fiend Blade
   Legendary Lumenomancer's Bloodblade
   Kingdom Breaker
   Far Northern Hospitality
   Pixel Blade
   Doom Knight's Blade
   Patriot Katana
   Aodh's Blazing Intervention
   Veywild Axe
   Blade of the Thornful Rose
   The Burden of Insight
   Jalek's Panic Reaver
   Airenal's Lance
   Adventurer Figure
   Long Talon
   Defensive Dragon Blade
   Paragon Fiend Armaments
   Horo-Show Void Vanquisher
   Tempest Scimitar
   Knuckle Duster
   Samukematsuri Katana
   Samukematsuri Warbow
   Kindred Spirits' Enlightenment
   Star Sabre
   Elahi Kopesh of Osiris
   Agony's Embrace
   Divine Kusanagi Sword
   Legendary Hydromancer's Bloodblade
   Legendary Cryomancer's Bloodblade
   Far Northern Greeting
   Far Northern Wit
   Veywild Spear
   Veywild Staff
   Flame Flora


Mighty Ultra!!!Guardian Plate
Blazing Bloodzerker
Quenching Bloodzerker
Armour of Frostval Past
Terra Bloodzerker
Voltaic Bloodzerker
Golden Fang
Predator of the Night
   Wicked King Plate
   Gilded Mason Form
   Scathing Dreamweaver
   White Knight Z
   Zardshi Rider
   White Howler
   Champion Holy Avenger
   Rage Beast
   Human Fisher
   Haunted Dragonlord Armour
   Terror Raiment
   Evolved Void of Nulgath
   Ebony Sepulchure Form
   Harvest Reaper Mason Form
   Silk-Screamer Rider
   Torontosaurus Rex
   Samukematsuri Samurai
   Pixel Hero
   Whispering Raiment
   Cleric of Carnafex
   Chaos Slayer Light Cleric
   Kindred Spirits' Valiance
   Frozen Dragonslayer
   Holy Armor
   Shinyaro Form
   Fujin no Kiyousa
   Griffinrider Mount
   Lord of Thunder
   Moonchaser Rider
   Paragon Fiend Mount
   Headless Horseman
   Elahi Waqaya of Osiris
   Svadilfari's Oath
   Ultimon's Armour
   Hyperalphean Barbarian
   Sweater Dragon Mount
   Windter Warrior
   Fat & Tacky Santa
   Samurai Warlord O-Yoroi
   Horo-Show Void Vigilante
   Festive Leprechaun
   Giant's Might
   Warlord of Nulgath
   Fruitcake Berserker
   Pyromancer Bloodmage


Ultra!!!Guardian Shield
Samukematsuri Buckler
Hyperalphean Skjoldr
Defender of Frostval Past
Chieftain's IronThorn
Pixel Guard
Strawberry Shieldcake
Eclipsed Dragonlord's Will
   Lorian Shield
   Dreamweaver's Contempt
   Haunted Dragonlord's Will
   Terror Totem
   Kindred Spirits' Devotion
   Magnus' Searing Bastion
   Doom Knight Shield
   Veywild Guard
   Cryo Chrono Shield
   Heritage Memorial Shield
   Paragon Fiend Defender
   Accordion Shield
   Eternal Twilight's Regalia
   Elahi Ikm of Osiris
   Father Time
   Guardian's Shield of Sands
   Fruitcake Wreath
   Fireworks Buckler
   Tectonic Tower Shield
   Celtic Wheel
   Thunder Lord's Crest
   Cozy Farzhad Mogloo
   Chaser Bracer
   Stout Talon
   Lunar Eclipse Shield


Purple Rain
Call Dunamis
2020 New Year's Surprise
Buffalot's Beach Bod
Gogg Shapeshift
Light Lord's Blessing
Terror Fist
Call Ramssy
   Invincible Star
   Fire Dragon Talon
   Dragonguard Invocation
   Unraveling Nightmare
   Brain Spider Shapeshift
   Thunder Wave Blade
   Call Silk-Screamer
   Void Dragon Assault
   Call Thernda
   Imanok Edoc
   Runic Binding
   Absolute Darkness
   Call Death Flair
   Your Body Heals at the Speed of Light
   Dragonslayer Aura
   Call Twilly
   Sneak Strike
   Baby Sacragon Shapeshift
   Hyperalphean Invocation
   Transcended Water of Immortality
   Call Flameshot Cannon
   Samukematsuri Caltrops
   Call Mogdin
   Moonwalker's Grace
   Spectral Chains
   Call Sugar Gobbler
   Call RhubZard
   Spectral Ninjas
   Iron Maiden
   Ornament Golem Assault
   Ninja Lawyer Assassin Contract
   Veywild Crash


Mysterious Necromoglin
Royal Cake
Fairy Godmother
   Cometoid Jelly
   Scathing Dreamseer
   Harvest Reaper Deatharrows Cat
   Mana Golem
   Ice Guardian Dragon Jr.
   Sunless Undead Hydra
   Happy Cloud
   Angra Linnorm
   Dangerously Adorable Cabbit
   Stunning Diamond Dog
   Fu Dog
   Chiaro Symbiote
   Psychedelic Dinosaur
   Grounded Chibi Loco
   Shiny WoolZard
   Northern River Dragon
   Kindred Spirits' Tranquility
   Grotesque Eye Spy
   Thunder Lord's Ravens
   Juvenile Void Dragon
   Undead Archer
   Frosty Godmother
   Samukematsuri Kirin
   Baby Salamancer
   Mini Nulgath
   Cozy Goblin
   Dire Wolf
   Legless Elf
   Legless Elf

Misc Items

Blood Contract
Prime Chaos Orb
Shadowfeeder Pendant
Zfinity Gauntlet: Power
Zfinity Gauntlet: Time
Essence Orb
Bell Shell
   Gold Storage Chest
   Zfinity Gauntlet: Soul
   Zfinity Gauntlet: Space
   Terror Visage
   Hollow Dragon Amulet
   Head of Raydius Dragon
   Sword Master Emblem G
   AQ's 18th Birthday Cupcake
   Porcelain Teapot
   Zfinity Gauntlet: Mind
   Shikyo Mask
   Kitsune Mask
   Samukematsuri Oni Mask
   Light Orb
   Elahi Irt of Osiris
   Love Potion #736
   Cracked Ornament
   Veywild Helm
   Blood Ruby
   Blazing Solaris Helm
   Mirrored Specs
   Hyperalphean Dragon Fang
   Mana Trap
   Guardian's Urn of Prevailing Winds
   Pendant of The`Galin G
   Baleygr's Omen
   Taladosian Pendant
   AQ's 17th Birthday Cupcake
   Windter Crown
   Greater Water Orb
   Cyclops' Eye
   Bloodstained Morningstar Emblem
   Lohkaista Shard
   Everfrozen Shard
   Helm of Drakonnan
   Helm of Drakonnas
   13th Mask
   Legendary Shadow Crystal V1
   Helm of Frostval Past
   Ravenous Talisman
   Excelsior Elixir
   Fruitcake Brick
   Father's Day Sock
   Cozy Fire Orb
   Kamohoali'i Jaw

House Paintings

Mogloween '19 Portal Painting
Harvest Portal Painting
Frostval '19: A Song of Ice & Thunder
Snugglefest Portal Painting
Blarney Portal Painting 2020
April Fools' 2020 Portal Painting
Grenwog 2020 Portal Painting
Frostval '20: Horror and Terror
Portal to Trescol
Void Dragon Queen
Alpha WereDragon

House Guards

Dragoncat Guard
Ice Dragon
Red Dragon
Master of Evil


A Glorious Little Pile of Awesome
Bane of the Night
Disciple of Necromoglin
Mister Frostval
A Slice of Justice
Essence of Fire
Holder of DOOM
Strawberry Shortcake
Dauntless Devourer
Legion Paragon Fiend
Slayer of the Wicked
Witness to Greatness
Kingdom Breaker
Nerd Crusher
Fears No Fruitcake
Gemini Rising
Kaiju Conqueror
Master Blaster
Ticket Taker
Master Terror
Won 1st Place in an Artix-Impersonation Contest
Reaper of Souls
Bachelor of Undermedicine
Deep Sea Fisher
Hokuto Shinneko
Shock to the Heart
Zard of Seven Seas
Saviour of Mogloween
Queen Slayer
Killer Queen
Incredibly Hulking
Disciple of Dunamis
Lord of Thunder
Immovable Hero
Tied Up in Red Tape
Disciple of Chilly
Disciple of Ramssy

Mirror Disguises

Shades M
Shadow M
Dare Debil M
Captain Rhubarb
Summer Time Male
Kam's Kisser
SnuggleFace M
Festive Frostvale Hat M
Violentine Helm M
Paragon Fiend M
Paragon Fiend F
Crested Paragon Fiend M
Crested Paragon Fiend F
Paragon Fiend Skull M
Paragon Fiend Skull F
Doombinder Mask M
Veywild Helm M
Veywild Helm F
Dapper Frostval Tophat M