AdventureQuest Character



Born on 10/15/2004
Became a Guardian on 11/2/2006
Last Played on 11/17/2019

House: Frostvale Cottage Estate

Under Attack! Mana Collector Under Attack! Corn Field Under Attack! Mega World Portal Under Attack! Mountain Hunt Lodge Under Attack! Rock Quarry Under Attack! Woodcutter Shack Under Attack! Storage Building Under Attack! Storage Building II Under Attack! Fishing Pond Under Attack! Trade Hut

War Battle Records   Hide Records

1050 character wins
22 character wins
22 character wins
120 character wins
696 character wins
6255 character wins
2 character 305 army wins
1172 character wins
12189 character 625 army wins
20 character 20 army wins
240 character wins
4 character wins
11 character wins
36 character wins


Blade of Awe
Puebla Wind Mace
Frogzard Sword
Torrential Nautica Axe
Calavera Club
Horo-Show Void Vanquisher
Zabura's Hammer
   Celestial Mana Staff
   Guardian Rat Flail
   Paladin's Legacy
   Guardian Assault Edge
   Lucky Bladehenge
   HeartBreaker Axe
   Guardian NightSever
   Dark Comedy
   Moglord Sceptre
   Mourn Staff
   Wrayth Blade
   Volleyball GT
   Gold-Spraying Gatling
   Bac-Gun G
   Dull Hybee Spear
   Moglord Bow
   Ice Zaragoza
   Star Journey Laser
   Cosmic Space Gun
   Ice Katana
   Hammer of Unity
   Candy Cane
   Guardian Love's Attraction
   Lion's Roar
   Zombie Bane Staff
   Gnarly Kneeboard
   Gnarly Shortboard


Insightful Armor of Awe
Guardian Stiltwalker
Shadow of Doubt G
Witch Hunter
Cryomancer's Robe
Lumenomancer's Robe
Dynamancer's Robe
Pyromancer's Robe
   Geomancer's Robe
   Algern's Carapace
   Horo-Show Void Vigilante
   Rogue Outfit
   Eidolon's Heroism
   High Communicant's Zeal
   Leprechaun Power Au-rmour G
   4-Leaf Clover Power Armor
   Moglord Tortress
   Golden Holy Armor
   Obsidian Cloak
   Whispering Raiment
   Ep-Pig G
   Rebellious Burro Rider
   Bland Truphma Suit
   Nemesis' Testament
   Ancient Energy Dragon Form
   Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
   Falerin's Bespoke Bedizen
   Volt Rider


UltraGuardian Shield
Exalted Paladin Guard
Kindred Spirits' Devotion
Defender Leader's Shield
Zombie Axe Master Shield
Father Time
Spell Barricade
   Lt. Lore's Shield
   Chieftain's IronThorn
   Eye of Naab
   Ghost Knight Shield
   Bac-ler G
   Gallant's Heart
   Moglord Shield
   Nemesis' Bastion
   Guardian Luminous Shield
   Pumpkin Shield
   Amalgamated Frankenshield
   Heritage Memorial Shield
   High Communicant's Valiance
   Cosmic Ethereal Shield
   Resilient Arm Floaty
   Pureheart Mirror


Drakonnan's Fury G
Galvawk's Charge
Breath of the Ice Lord
ArchMage Research
Guardian Skyblade
Carnax Stomp G
Call Guardian Angel Elder
Fruitcake Fury
   Wondrous Recovery
   Mana Regeneration
   Transmogrified Water of Immortality
   Guardian's Embrace the Shadows
   Summon Angel Guard
   Abominable Assault G
   Cuddle Cube Conflagration
   Guardian Shocking Kite
   Powerword Soupy Red Fog
   Greater Pumpkin Patch
   Psycho Candy Hearts
   Moglord War Party
   Summon Guardian Dragonchaun VIII
   Randomizing Blight


Sacred Chicken
Moglord Warboar
Azamay Marble Guardian Golem
Mewpert MacThunderboltsing
   Regal Caeszard
   Undead Fire Giant
   Guardian O.R.B.
   Golden Guardian Gween
   Voracious VereEgg
   Hammer Turret G
   Love Machine G
   High Oracle's Sacragon
   Deadeye Cupid
   Jr Archmage G
   Li'l Guardian Drac
   Petite Shadowpony
   Petite Shadowunicorn
   Petite Shadowpegasus
   Baby Vampragon
   Pumpkin Golem
   Maple Leaf Turkey '12
   Baby Void Dragon
   Bobble Devourer
   Garlic Vampire
   Turkey Lurky

Misc Items

Legendary Shadow Crystal V1
Amulet of Drakonnan G
Rejuvenating Necklace
Pendant of The`Galin G
ZettaSnide Transformation Formula
The Spark of Daw
Supreme Azamay Healing Runestone
13th Mask
   The Brilliance of Daw
   Supreme Azamay Explodium Runestone
   Supreme Azamay Fire Runestone
   The Roots of Daw
   The Tears of Daw
   Guardian CrabApple
   The Fires of Daw
   Moglord Crown
   Luminous Wyrm Helm
   Head of Raydius Dragon
   Concentrated Clover Essence
   Ice Orb Essence
   Light Orb
   Pearapplo Basket
   Lohkaista Shard
   Mana Ice
   Zombie Heart
   Guardian's Urn of Prevailing Winds
   Redolent ShadowKitten Body Spray
   Taladosian Tart
   EbilCorp Logo
   Mogga Idol 9
   Fireworks Display
   Love Potion #732
   Hero Serum
   Thunderbird Joust Headpiece

House Paintings

Earth Dragon
The Eternal
Nightbane's Last Stand
Ruisha Gibet Portrait
Chilly and Robina
Witches Portrait
The Nautican Bard
The Nautican Thinker
Portal to Trescol
Portal to Kairula
Nightmare Town
Nightmare Family

House Guards

Dragoncat Guard
Blue Moglinster Guard
Reverse Fiery Phoenix
MeGogg Guard
Master of Evil
Guard Dog
BURP Guard
Crystal Hound Guard
Gogg Guard


Nerd Crusher