AdventureQuest Character Page

Born on Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Became a Guardian on Thursday, May 26, 2005
Last Played on Wednesday, July 30, 2014

War Battle Records  Hide Records
Edge of Extinction: Fight the Paladins:
2 character, 111 army wins
Edge of Extinction: Fight the Necromancers:
146 character, 197 guard, 328 army wins
Insult to Injury: Glacius:
0 character, 87 guard, 170 army wins
Insult to Injury: Nautica:
10 character, 29 guard, 12 army wins
Insult to Injury: Nocturu: 3 wins
Fight The Vampires!:
551 character, 617 guard, 1142 army wins
CitW: Fight for Deren/Stormfallen:
102 character, 1172 army wins
CitW: Fight for Stormfallen:
149 character, 711 army wins
Battle of the Flowers:
7 character, 325 guard, 342 army wins
Wind Orb War: 68 wins
Bizarre Flecks 5: 4 wins
Awethur vs Ghin: 136 wins
Paxia Rush - Wind: 58 wins
Paxia Rush - Fire: 30 wins
Paxia Rush - Ice: 11 wins
Paxia Rush - Earth: 6 wins
Fight for Ubears (Beast Hostilities):
5 character, 485 army wins
Fight for EpPigs (Beast Hostilities):
0 character, 227 army wins
Steampowered Undead: 16 wins
Hoard of Alquemada: 16 wins
Shadow War: 30 wins
Flaming Undead: 4 wins
Wyvern Riders - Normal: 19 wins
Wyvern Riders - Elite: 4 wins
Battleon-Seekrat Final Countdown: 4 wins
Lolosia-Seekrat Final Countdown: 8 wins
Granemor-Seekrat Final Countdown: 8 wins
Middle Isles-Seekrat Final Countdown: 4 wins
Bizzare Flecks 3: Part 2: 79 wins
Building Truphma part 3: 176 wins
Chessmaster: Fall of the Fisherman: 4 wins
EbilCorp Takeover!: 27 wins
BURPs 2012 - Rise of the Samurats!:
13 character, 26 army wins
UnZardly Terror!:
15 character, 73 guard, 144 army wins
Night of the Grenwog:
3 character, 91 guard, 78 army wins
Absol-ution Part IV:
49 character, 68 guard, 104 army wins
Golems at Granemor!:
7 character, 200 guard, 329 army wins
Ultimon's Assault:
37 character, 123 guard, 144 army wins
Dangerous Parallels:
76 character, 237 guard, 430 army wins
The Past Unravelled:
6 character, 181 guard, 316 army wins
Ultimon IV:
115 character, 306 guard, 372 army wins
Dragon War Steel:
182 character, 139 guard, 222 army wins
Guardian Dragon War: 35 wins
Blarney War 2012: 62 wins
BlARRRney War 2014:
42 character, 286 guard, 795 army wins
Terrible 12 Part 1: Sawbones,Stragath,Fear Drake: 46 wins
Terrible 12 P1:TubThumper, Queen Hybee, Tyranna: 19 wins
Terrible 12 P1: Munch, Metalface, Terrestria: 40 wins
Terrible 12 P1: Algern,Seekrat: 72 wins
Kragoth: 8 wins
Frostval 09: 14 wins
Paintball War: 19 wins
Fusion Dragons: 15 wins
Fusion Dragons Two: 53 wins
Division By Zero: 30 wins
Frostval 10: 22 wins
Frostval 10 Delivery: 5 wins
Bizarre Flecks: Mostly Harmful: 170 wins
Blarney 2011: 44 wins
Frostval 2011 - Chillax: 19 wins
Frostval 2011: 94 wins
Frostval 2011 Delivery: 2 wins
Bizarre Flecks - The Journey Home: 37 wins
Frostval War 2012:
15 character, 40 guard, 89 army wins
Frostval 2012 - Gift Delivery:
1 character, 13 guard, 43 army wins
Frostval 2013 - Gift Delivery:
29 character, 298 guard, 463 army wins
Kragoth 2: 16 wins
Zardmaster Evolution: 50 wins
BURPs 2010: 10 wins

Deren Mansion Estate

Corn Field
Deren Mana Collector
Deren Wheat Field
Fishing Pond
Guard Tower
Mega World Portal
Stone Pit
Storage Building
Storage Building 2
Trade Hut
Woodcutter Shack
Blade of Awe!!!
Holiday Colossus
Divine Kusanagi Sword
Frostval Merc's Blade
Chimera's Venom
Mutant Dragonblade
Lycan Slasher
Chaos Axe
 Nulgath's Wrath
 Onroth's Zealous Rage
 Moglord Axe
 Monolith Mace
 Airenal's Cunning
 Airenal's Lance
 Zombie Master Axe
 Curse of the Legion
 Frostval Merc's Shuriken
 Guardian NightSever
 Titan's Triumph
 Katar of Shock
 Eggscrutiating Force
 Purifying Crescent Blade
 Midnight Dragon Blade
 Onyxx Wartexx
Mighty UltraGuardian Plate
Moglord Tortress
Fujin no Kiyousa
Frostval Mercenary Garb
Rabid Diretooth Form
Svadilfari's Oath
White Knight Z
Algern's Carapace
 Chaos Armour
 Demonmancer Plate
 Kindred's Valiance
 Ultimon's Armour
 Advanced Demon Knight Armour
 Bundorable Form
 Flame Guardian Dragon Form Z
 Gorgonzilla Costume
 Airenal's Might
 Zombie-Tested Axe Master Armor
 Full Metal Santa
 Cyber Shogun
 Loco Costume
 Sugar Rush Guardian Armor
 Leprechaun Power Au-rmour G
 Reflecting Plate
UltraGuardian Shield
Supreme Overlord's Legend
Divine Yata Mirror
Frostval Merc's Reflexes
Chieftain's IronThorn
Cutting Edge Guard
Arthurian Shield
Daylight Savings Time
 Moglord Shield
 Airenal's Crest
 Fujin no Shukufuku
 Zombie Axe Master Shield
 Hand of Chillax
 Bac-ler G
 Exalted Paladin Guard
 Kindred's Devotion
Miraculous Pumpkin Patch
Miraculous Recovery
Frostval Merc's Regen Factor
Transcended Water of Immortality
Seeds of Restoration
Scrambler Ray
Mana Regeneration
 Summon Guano Loco
 Summon Seductive Amoria
Moglord Warboar
Fujin's Curse
Mini Chillax
Experimental Robocockatrice
Trjegul Jr.
Solar Spirit Cat
 Deadeye Cupid
 Land Shark
 Dangerously Adorable Cabbit
 Pygmy Zombie Groupies
Miscellaneous Items
Sword Master Emblem G
Gogg's Fortune
Crystal of Restless Shadows G
Power Shard VI: Hogg
Divine Yasakani Jewel
Zombie Heart
Shield Generator
Mighty Twilight Mirror
 Helm of Drakonnan
 Guardian Pirate Hat
 Feather of the Roc
 Horo-Show Void Visor
 Helm of Drakonnas
 Luminous Wyrm Helm
 Mother's Charm Earrings
 Frostval Merc's Smoke Grenade
 Head of Raydius Dragon
 Legendary Shadow Crystal V2
 Paxia Award Trophy
House Paintings
Akriloth Head Portrait
Carnax Head Portrait
Chilly and Robina
Dracolich Head Portrait
Earth Dragon
Golden Giftbox Painting
Light and Darkness
Mother's Love
Nightbane's Last Stand
Nightmare Family
Portal to Trescol
Temple of Hope Inside
Temple of Hope Outside
The Eternal
The Frost King
The`Galin Head Portrait
House Guards
Dragoncat Guard
Ice Dragon
Master of Evil
Red Dragon