AdventureQuest Character Page

Born on Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Became a Guardian on Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Last Played on Friday, August 29, 2014

War Battle Records  Hide Records
Edge of Extinction: Fight the Paladins:
0 character, 15 army wins
Edge of Extinction: Fight the Necromancers:
17 character, 72 guard, 2139 army wins
Insult to Injury: Lucian:
0 character, 179 guard, 886 army wins
Fight The Vampires!:
0 character, 46 guard, 441 army wins
Fight The Werewolves!:
0 character, 41 guard, 1311 army wins
CitW: Fight for Deren/Stormfallen:
0 character, 273 guard, 817 army wins
CitW: Fight for Stormfallen:
0 character, 68 guard, 876 army wins
0 character, 75 army wins
0 character, 156 guard, 114 army wins
Battle of the Flowers:
0 character, 99 guard, 1066 army wins
Wind Orb War:
5 character, 192 guard, 727 army wins
Awethur vs Ghin:
73 character, 296 guard, 838 army wins
Paxia Rush - Wind:
11 character, 17 guard, 41 army wins
Paxia Rush - Fire:
23 character, 38 guard, 124 army wins
Paxia Rush - Ice:
33 character, 184 guard, 886 army wins
Paxia Rush - Earth:
11 character, 54 army wins
Battle the Pirates - Pirates vs. Ninjas 2009:
29 character, 203 guard, 541 army wins
Steampowered Undead:
4 character, 249 guard, 736 army wins
Hoard of Alquemada:
11 character, 169 guard, 763 army wins
Shadow War:
3 character, 115 guard, 659 army wins
Bizarre Flecks Part Two:
0 character, 74 guard, 197 army wins
Flaming Undead:
19 character, 74 guard, 1351 army wins
Wyvern Riders - Normal:
24 character, 110 guard, 624 army wins
Wyvern Riders - Elite:
2 character, 89 guard, 545 army wins
Bizzare Flecks 3: Part 2:
4 character, 57 guard, 858 army wins
Building Truphma part 3:
12 character, 128 guard, 1159 army wins
Chessmaster: Fall of the Fisherman:
5 character, 66 guard, 1250 army wins
EbilCorp Takeover!:
18 character, 126 guard, 1214 army wins
BURPs 2012 - Rise of the Samurats!:
3 character, 49 guard, 872 army wins
UnZardly Terror!:
7 character, 55 guard, 1547 army wins
Night of the Grenwog:
2 character, 236 army wins
Absol-ution Part IV:
5 character, 83 guard, 1134 army wins
Golems at Granemor!:
2 character, 62 guard, 1054 army wins
Ultimon's Assault:
2 character, 55 guard, 715 army wins
Dangerous Parallels:
1 character, 57 guard, 1117 army wins
The Past Unravelled:
1 character, 97 guard, 1286 army wins
Ultimon IV:
0 character, 41 guard, 769 army wins
Dragon War Steel:
1 character, 118 guard, 1038 army wins
Guardian Dragon War:
8 character, 120 guard, 877 army wins
Blarney War 2009:
28 character, 77 guard, 179 army wins
Blarney War 2012:
8 character, 167 guard, 1678 army wins
Blarney War 2013:
2 character, 10 guard, 826 army wins
BlARRRney War 2014:
0 character, 97 guard, 984 army wins
Terrible 12 P1: Munch, Metalface, Terrestria:
4 character, 75 guard, 675 army wins
Terrible 12 P1: Algern,Seekrat:
0 character, 119 army wins
Absolix Challenged:
0 character, 61 guard, 497 army wins
2 character, 211 guard, 358 army wins
0 character, 295 army wins
Frostval 09:
0 character, 150 guard, 474 army wins
Paintball War:
11 character, 200 guard, 634 army wins
Law of the Dragons: 43 wins
0 character, 346 guard, 315 army wins
Fusion Dragons:
7 character, 250 guard, 469 army wins
Fusion Dragons Two:
7 character, 175 guard, 669 army wins
Division By Zero:
8 character, 334 guard, 413 army wins
Frostval 10:
24 character, 221 guard, 535 army wins
Bizarre Flecks: Mostly Harmful:
30 character, 420 guard, 1334 army wins
Blarney 2011:
7 character, 191 guard, 1099 army wins
Frostval 2011 - Chillax:
5 character, 66 guard, 486 army wins
Frostval 2011:
27 character, 98 guard, 607 army wins
Frostval 2011 Delivery:
17 character, 36 guard, 412 army wins
Bizarre Flecks - The Journey Home:
0 character, 84 guard, 755 army wins
Frostval War 2012:
9 character, 62 guard, 1371 army wins
Frostval 2012 - Gift Delivery:
4 character, 56 guard, 510 army wins
Frostval 2013 - Gift Delivery:
2 character, 80 guard, 1311 army wins
Kragoth 2:
0 character, 106 guard, 320 army wins
Zardmaster Evolution:
2 character, 229 guard, 428 army wins

Forest Mansion Estate

Corn Field
Fishing Pond
Fruit Orchard
Guard Tower
Lumber Yard
Magic Stat Trainer
Mana Collector
Mega World Portal
Stone Pit
Storage Building
Storage Building 2
Trade Hut
Vegetable Garden
Woodcutter Shack
Staff of Awe
Emerald Wizard Staff
Arcane Holiday Colossus
Mystic Paxian Deliverance
Magic Elite Ice Katana
Celestial Mana Staff
Airenal's Lance
Grim Eater
 Sila's Staff
 Carrot Gun
 Mummy Leg
 Vitae Thirster
 Panforte Maul
 Platinum Edge
 Eight Powers Staff
 Mutant Dragonblade
 Phrygian Ebil Scythe
 Blazing Solaris Blade
 Guardian Jade Sword
 Fortuitous Bladehenge
 Mystic Rx for Destruction
 Horo-Show Void Vanquisher
 Asgardian Truncheon of Thunderbolts
Savant Robe
Guardian Block Armor VI
Algern's Carapace
Wascawy Wabbit
Ventus' Finish
Full Metal Santa Z
Lumenomancer's Robe
Anthracite Coal Armor
 Frostval Spirit Armor
 Inquisitor's Ardor
 Obsidian Cloak
 Paradox Plate
 Ancient Spirit Gi
 Eventide's Guise
 Moglord Tortress
 Ultra Pegasid Rider
 Migratory Butterhoof
 Offensive Test Armour
 Guardian Chocobunny
 Vicious Diretooth Form
 Enraged Paindeer Mount
 Ancient Wind Dragon Form
 Asgardian Thunderbolts' Might
 Frostval Mercenary Garb
UltraGuardian Shield
Eye of Naab
Spell Barricade
Sackelberry Shield
Bouncy Twilly Putty
Cutting Edge Guard Z
Guardian Unlight Shield
 Inquisitor's Resolution
 NerfLord's Crest
 Memorial Shield
 King's Epic
 Pureheart Mirror
 Frostval Tree Topper
 Chieftain's IronThorn
 Frostshard Sliver Shield
 Sparkling Ornament Shield
 Amalgamated Frankenshield
 Guardian Bouncy Trampoline
 Frostval Merc's Reflexes
Thunder Stalker Guardian Strike
Lost Deck of OverSoul Cards Z
Guardian Gnome Stampede V
Sharpened Lawn Darts
Shadowbat Swarm
Tentacle Fury V
Drone Strike
 Ice Nine
 Major Award
 Midnight Rider
 Galvawk's Geas
 Moglin Carolers
 Arrows of Virtue
 Summon Poelala
 Fundead Flensing
 Moglord War Party
 Guardian Toy Bomb
 Wondrous Recovery
 Insane Candy Hearts
 ArchMage Research III
 Phantasms of Frostval
 Nightbane's Apotheosis
 Everlasting Guardian Gumn
 Guardian Summon Kiveras VI
 Nightbane's Soulchilling Howl
 Summon Black Widow Brain Spider
 Frostval Merc's Regen Factor
Vampire Nerfbat
Carnation Blossom
Guardian NPC in a Box VI
Mighty Morphin' Time Golem Stranger
 Maddening Evil Candy Cane
 Greater Lightning Wyvern
 Broadkil Necrobot
 Guardian Fishboy
 Moglord Warboar
 Rose Blossom
 Fundead Lion
 Lil' Big Top
Miscellaneous Items
Gargantuan Shock Collar
Head of Raydius Dragon
Horo-Show Void Visor
Pendant of The`Galin
Seven Leaf Clover
Spirit Stone
 Mage Globe
 Time Cookie
 Mark of Hope
 Evil Eyeglasses
 Beleqwaya's Gift
 Whoopee Cushion
 Ring of the Dark Wood
 Guardian Dragonsblood Charm
House Paintings
April Fools' Portal Painting
Chilly and Robina
Nightbane's Last Stand
Nightmare Family
Nightmare Town
Portal to Kairula
Portal to Trescol
Temple of Hope Inside
The Nautican Bard
House Guards
Bishop Finch
Bishop Finch
Black Widow Brain Spider
Death Worms
Drakel Bouncer
Ferocious BURP Guard
Giant Deadwood
Gogg Guard
Guard Dog
MeGogg Guard
Nerfkitten Scion
Phoenix Guard
Reverse Shadow Wolf
War Dragon
Wind Dragon